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The Process: Beginnings

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Originally Posted by peridot
Hey, Umbrae - Won't you publish a book??? please???
I'm still waiting for his book on Toothpick Divination.
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psychic sue 

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Really great Umbrae! I think you have given even us old-timers a new enthusiasm there!

I bought my first deck in 78. Swiss 1JJ too! And I seem to have learned the way you did !

That's why I love this site. Learning back in the bad old days was a lonely experience.

Thanks again,

Sue x
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Thanks heaps ... love it

I'll keep the books and keep reading, but then that's because I love to read. I kinda think its an obsession ... or is that compulsion? or maybe both, or none. Tried to go cold turkey once ... lasted two hours 3 minutes and 27 seconds. I threw away my watch!

Hell, I'll read anything put in front of me ... doesn't mean I'll believe it. Not true ... I believe everything I read as I read it, but only for as long as I read it. Then I read something completely contradictory, and damned if I don't believe that too ... while I'm reading it ... but ... then I read something else that is way somewhere else ... and, yep ... I'll mostly believe it ... and so on and so forth ... but when I've had my fill .... I ponder, I cogitate, I dream, I wonder but mostly I just forget it all. Sometimes something pops out when it's relevant, but mostly ... it's gone. Thank the goddess or whoever! ... otherwise it would be too much like university courses ... jeepers did I ever have to work hard to unlearn practically everything I'd learned once I got out into the 'real' world ... whatever that is!

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well deserved bump pt. 5
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proprietor of Moonthrall

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Good lord, this is great. I wish I'd read this when I started tarot over a year and a half ago. I noticed I still have some hangups you mentioned...I'm working on it! Thanks for a practical and powerful series, I'll read all the others.
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The Process in Audio form

I know this is an old thread but you might be intersted in an audio version of Dan Pelletier's the Process.

Here is a sample chapter for your listening enjoyment:

You can find the Process at:
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...just read this again...still awesome...I KEEP The Process on my MP3 player!

thx Umbrae!


I missed a key point; I think it was just too simple...

The process is not how to learn the card meanings; the process is learning how to read...

oh yea, and this quote: "the real magic, and there is real magic...happens inside me - and" how we take the images of Tarot cards lying there and our mind does "something" and we see/ hear some information that comes out as the reading...the magic is what our mind does to get from cards to reading...The Process
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i read these at least once a week, just for the joy of reading them, becuase I always find somethign new in them.
So i'm bumping for others to see.

Umbrae, you are magical. <<<Hugs>>>
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Reading this thread gave me a much needed surge...Very nicely written...I mean I don't know which superlatives to use...

I am bookmarking this...Thanks Umbrae
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These came out (much expanded I'm sure) on a CD set a few years ago and got excellent reviews here. Sometimes they come up in tarot trading forum also. Sadly, like Elvis, Umbrae has left the building.
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