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"The Tarot" by Richard Cavendish (split from Tarot Books & Media)

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Fingers crossed!
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Well that was quick:

the Harris painting are too fragile to be shown
(sic; he seems to be French...)

but suggesting I might like to put my case to the head librarian.... So I will.
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Originally Posted by Lillie
That's the point.

The picture is the same as the cards we all have.
seated figure, ghost child.

The borders are the Harris borders that only appear in the BoT.

Look where the number is. At the top. It's in a circle, not an oval.
The title is hand written, not typeset.
I have two copies of the Book of Thoth, one hardcover and one softcover, both by Weiser. The hardcover is dated 1974 and has the Aeon without the ghost child on page 230. Judging by other cards, the Roman numeral is in a circle, but I can't see that in the Aeon itself though.

The softcover is the 14th printing in 1989. It has the Aeon with ghost child on page 230 and the Roman Numeral is in a sideways oval.

So I guess it really does depend on which version of the book you have on what version of the Aeon card is included. And at some point between 1974 and 1989 Weiser stopped including the card without ghost child in the book.

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No Ghost-Child Harpo New Aeon in...

A Lancer Special $1.95 book with a goldish insert on the cover for The Book of Thoth: Egyptian Tarot By the Master Therion (Aleister Crowley)-- "first time in paperback".

No hint of the Ghost Child

2. Book
Samuel Weiser light blue cover, copyright 1981, seventh printing. P. 230 shows no sign of the Ghost Child.

3. Decks show Ghost Child

Three of my light blue Thoth decks--Samuel Weiser, and Llewellyn printings--have the Ghost Child. The latest of these decks has a 1976 stamp from the former owner.

Hope that helps.

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