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Originally Posted by ravenest
..also stands for A.L. (Anhalonium Lewenii - forgive the spelling) which was a chemical synthesis (made by A.C. himself) of magic mushroom juice he bougth back from Mexico
Not really relevant to the cards, but Anhalonium Lewenii is Peyote, or Mescaline, a member of the cactus family. Different to magic mushroom which is a little mushroom. Perhaps Crowley took the name out of context, or made an assumption about where it came from. Anhalonium is made from Mescal Buttons, but not mushroom buttons

A little more relevant this is a paragraph describing the experience of Anhalonium, which is applicable to the discussion on vitriol.

Originally Posted by Rajan Sankaran, Soul of Remedies
The experience of mescaline is often one of merging with one's surroundings or the feeling of being one with the whole of existence, seeing oneself without any boundaries. This is close to the highest spiritual experience as described in Hindu or Buddhist philosophy as oneness or non-duality of Spirit. This experience implies immortality - what dies is the body; as the Self is continuous with the whole of existence, it cannot be mortal... Anhalonium people speak in terms of universe, space, etc. They have the most fantastic experiences which are often spiritual, and have no fear of losing their ego, identity or losing a dear person.
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Who is Dead at 13 but not at 14?
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