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Who is Ra-Hoor-Khuit?

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Originally Posted by Abrac
As Aeon418 said before, he is the outward manifestation of Aiwass.
Originally Posted by Aeon418
Where exactly did I say that, Abrac?
Looks like I'm not going to get a reply, so I'll answer it myself.
What I actually said was: "Ra Hoor Khuit is, in his most basic sense, a generic stand-in for the HGA." That doesn't just mean Crowley's HGA, but yours, mine and everyone else's. In that collectivist sense he could be regarded as the HGA of this planet.

In another thread I wrote:
From Geburah comes the corrective aspect of the Angel through the path of Adjustment. Even though we have free will and can do anything the ego wants, we are still guided back to the way of the True Will by the instrument of Karma. This is the Angel in it's role as Shepard. The built up karma is not a punishment for straying from the path. It's direct and sometimes painful instruction, that is designed to lead us back to the path of the True Will through the events of life.
Now take that explanation of HGA induced Karmic correction for the individual, and apply it on a global scale via the symbolism of Ra-Hoor-Khuit. He's not a happy bunny, is he?

You might also like to reflect on the fact that the original title of the Book of the Law was Liber L vel Legis. That's L for Lamed - the path of Adjustment - the Ox-goad - Karma. Hold onto your hat because we might be in for one hell of a bumpy ride.

It might also give you some idea why Crowley and Liber AL draw on the symbolism of the Book of Revelation. The Beast 666 and the Whore of Babylon. And also why the radical changes to card XX were made. The old Judgement card shows the dead awakening to the trumpet blast of the Angel. The Aeon card depicts the returned Christ - Ra Hoor Khuit.

I'll leave it at that. I'm sure it will stir up enough controversy.
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Originally Posted by Aeon418
I'll leave it at that. I'm sure it will stir up enough contorversy.
Dunno why - makes perfect sense.
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