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blue rose in 2 of swords

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IDS Study Post

Drawn for Friday, January 30
Written Sunday, February 1

First of all, I hope it’s ok to hijack this thread about the blue rose. I figure this rambling post will bump the more-interesting rest of the thread up to the top so more people can see this wonderful information!

Well, this is the first card I’ve gotten so far in my IDS for which I disagree with the Crowley (and GD) keyword. Here’s my take, and then we’ll dig into “Peace.”

My keyword for 2 Swords is Analysis. Force (2/Chokmah ) + Mind (swords) = Analysis. Force of the mind (the way the mind works) is taking or cutting things apart to see how they work, or by categorizing (dividing into groups) things and figuring out how they are different. The cutting/dividing of the sword of mind. And of course 2s as dividing, opposites, etc. Crowley even notes that the twos are the “highest and best” of their suits. I think the highest and best function of the mind is understanding (which often comes by analysis). Banzhaf thinks along the same lines: “Polarizes the world in order to comprehend it.”

Now, Moon in Libra just makes all this analysis scientific in the best sense of the word: non-partisan (Libra = harmonious) and always changing to fit the facts (Moon = changing and nature).

Plus, why isn’t the 4 of Swords peace of mind (instead of Truce)? Maybe I should wait until I get there . . .

Ok enough about me! What do YOU think about me? (Just kidding!)
On to the card and Peace.

A very balanced picture. The two swords extend all the way to/from each corner. And I think it’s the only card on which there are extra suit signs to underline the balance of the card (2 x 2 swords, and the astro signs are balanced on the 2 little swords).

The swords pierce but do not destroy—are JOINED by—the blue rose. Crowley doesn’t mention the “unattainable” sense of the rose, but that it is mother symbol. As someone mentioned above, if two children are fighting—or if two men are fighting with swords—and a calm, loving mother puts herself in the middle, the fighting is going to stop, if for no other reason than neither combatant wants to hurt the mother.

One of the books pointed out the praying angels on the pommels of the swords. And I just saw the doves. Gotta get out my magnifying glass BEFORE I read the books next time! Obvious symbols of peace in the mother vein--Mary is the queen of angels, and Venus’s birds are doves.

Moon in Libra, quoting Banzhaf here: “peaceful (Libra) feelings (moon); or need (moon) for harmony (Libra).”

Now to open a can or worms: What are those white things??!! Crowley says “rays,” Duquette says “wings,” and Snuffin says “swastikas.” They are throughout the swords suits in various states of array and disarray, from golden triangles (Ace) to long-pointed four-pointed stars (7) to random jaggy lines. Here in the 2 they are indeed “uniform white patterns” (Banzhaf), but in other swords cards, they are chaotic or barely there. Duquette uniformly calls them “wings,” and I was satisfied with that before, but now I want to know if there’s more to them. There’s probably a dozen posts about them, but after a quick search I didn’t find any. If anyone has more info on the “wings” of the swords, please post!

Obviously they symbolize the ever-moving but never seen air. And air can have many different qualities, from a soft summer breeze to a biting winter blast. I have to hand it to Lady Frieda for trying to show the unshowable! They certainly make it easy to discern the mood of each swords cards.

In the 2, there are 4 wings that are very regular, 8-pointed, and white (harmony of Libra and purity of blue rose). They have lines showing that they are, as Crowley describes, rays emanating from the rose. You could say they are swastikas because they actually have 4 large points and four smaller points between the large points. The other wings in the deck most like them are those of the Princess of Swords, but hers are transparent and veined like an insect’s wings, and she just has one 4-pointed wing (or two 2-pointed ones).

So, Peace or Analysis? Or Decision?

As a card of the day: When I drew this card (and looked up the title), I started hearing Elvis and the Jordanaires singing “Peace in the Valley.” And it’s still with me! On Friday, my mind/thoughts were balanced. I did work and a little card studying at work (shhh…); and some card studying and hanging out with my family at home. My studying was more relaxed and less determined/maniacal as it has been lately. I went to my meditation group on Thursday evening. I think I’m finally getting a clue about WHY we need to calm our minds! (I understand it rationally, but I’m just so dense about it in real life!)

In a reading: Take a deep breath to calm your mind and think about things rationally and disinterestedly. You already know the answer to the decision you need to make. Praying or meditating about it will help it come to you. (I am fixating on the angels now!)
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