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Gloominus Doom

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Originally Posted by greenbeans
aah, Ol' Gloom Eyes! I have seen him in a lot of ways over the years...when I went through a phase of depression Gloominous was always a rather embarrassing reflection of myself...I mean, after all these were Really Important Emotions and Issues that I was going through and there he was, with his choir of Gloomlings, looking as miserable as I felt, so miserable it was....funny! All my life and death Important stuff couldn't be funny...could it? The Faeries seemed to think so! Huh, I wasn't having that...
I had this same experience with 'Ol' Gloom'. Life had piled up so much on me that I felt I couldn't bear another second and Gloominous came to me as my focus for the day. As I trod through my day, anxiety stricken and afraid, I thought about Gloom and his name resonated throughout like some ridiculously ominous foreboding. Gloominous Doom, Gloominous DOOM, GloomiNOUS DOOM!!! It was sooooooooooo heavy that it was funny because, truly, nothing need be taken so seriously. I was able to laugh throughout the day and my shoulders enjoyed some relief from the weight of the world. I had a few real good guffaws at myself. Good Ol' Doom Gloom, lol.
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You know I was doing some readings with this deck the other day and the Singer of Healing showed up and offered ol' Gloominus a healing.

Perhaps when Gloominus Doom appears he is a reminder to all of us that we have opportunities to share our light, and to be the light that others need to see. I mean not everyone can always be up or at the top of their game, right? So Gloominus may be carrying some of the darkness, and at the same time need to an injection of the light.

When we care for him, we are soothing something in ourselves, that no other source can respond to. The shadow side is something that we as readers and psychics need to know and understand about ourselves, and so with Gloominus, his appearance oftentimes can be a call to nurture our selves, and be the balm that might be needed for others as well, and learning to know the difference.

I admit I do like the comical side goldnchyl brings up, because yes, he has that tendency to seem as if he is just ridiculous.

But the light on the tips of his fingers I find very "touching". Even though he is doom and gloom personified, he still reaches out to heal. For me the hands, the hand chakras, when lit, are about healing. So when I see him, he evokes a very complicated response in me.
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I didn't know where else to put this, but I wanted to share because I thought it was funny.
I was reading on a situation to figure out if it was as stagnant as it seemed and out came Tobaira, Gloominous, and the Glanconer which seemed to answer the question quite directly.
The funny part was I saw the globe in Gloominous's hand as a water balloon, as if Tobaira had passed it to him on the sly. Gloominous started sniffling to Glanconer, and Glanconer kept getting closer and closer, trying to see what was wrong. And that's when ol' Gloomy nailed him with the water balloon. Hysterical laughter followed... I guess these "scary" faes know how to lighten up and have fun like the rest.
I do see a lesson in there that I think is pertinent to Gloominous and Glanconer, that is why I shared it here. Hope you don't mind.
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*LOL* That is hillarious. Perhaps Gloominuous thought that the Glanconer's illusion was really mis-representing something and decided to splash the illusion away! Thanks for sharing that made me laugh. Good for ole "Gloomy Gus" as a friend of mine and my husband call him *LOL*.
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Ah, poor Gloom.
This is the Eeyore card. Pity party, he holds the answer, but he doesn't want to see it.
He also reminds me of a hypochondriac looking at his red belly "Does this look like a rash to you?"
The free floating globes look like eggs to me.
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