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Finally! Chronata's tarot deck in progress

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December Fairy 

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My vote is for Empress, Moon & World.

Love the deck

Originally Posted by Chronata
hiya all!

Thank you so much to everyone here who sends me continual encouragement!

And a big huge thank you all of you on my pre-preorder list!
You all have such amazing patience!

Updates to the project...well...

I lost half the scans, and am now trying hard to get the rest of the images (15-21) scanned back into the computer...but of course my scanner is acting up and refuses to work with 600 dpi at the moment.

Boxes and other things that should be on order have been delayed, and now with a major financial setback...I have no idea how long it will be before I get them.

There seems to be a new obstacle in the way every time I turn, which makes me lose hope on getting the decks out at any reasonable rate!

And no...still no website.

But aside from the frustrations...I have decided to look into cafe press to offer a few of the deck images available as t-shirts, tote bags, tile boxes and journals.

So...if you had to pick a favorite card from the Midnight Masquerade Majors...which one would you like to see on any of the above products?

Cards up for consideration include...

The Empress(my only definite so far!)
The Lovers
The World
The Star
the Moon
The Devil

now...given the hassels I am having...I may right now only be able to offer those images that are already scanned at the maximum quality level.
(so...I may only be able to use the first 15 cards...fool-temperance)

But I would love some feedback on what you might think is a good card image to put on stuff!

Thanks so much to the all the attendees of the Ball!
Party on!
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I can say...FINALLY!...Chronata's Pre-orders in progress!

How many taroists does it take to convince me that my hand made card production is good enough?

Apparently...all of them.

As I am really the ONLY one who doesn't like the way the cards turned out...I am bowing to the pressure of my wonderful friends who have convinced me that it's time.

Time to make the decks.


In order to make decks, I need a few things...boxes, and ink and lamination being among the few items.

I am looking for 5-6 people who are willing to give me money now, so as to get things rolling.

Price still sits currently at $85 for Limited Edition 25 cards (which may change as I finish Aces)
Includes box and shipping and lots of little masquerade goodies.
These will be sent out straight away...

though because I am hand making each card, (and hand painting each box...which are not even ordered yet) the wait will be 4 to 6 weeks for shipment.

And I am hoping for no more than 6 orders at this time, so I can actually make them in that time alloted.

Those interested...PLEASE send me a PM and I will PM or e-mail you back with details on payment.
Currently, I can take paypal, or US check or money order.

First 6 people...who REALLY REALLY want one soon will get my first decks.

Thanks to everyone!

And for those of you already on my preorder list...I have not forgotten you! As soon as the first decks are done, I will send out more info for how you can purchase the LE at the same just might take one more month before I can confidently say that deck production is in full swing!
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Once again....I really want to give a BIG hug and say:


I am so excited, this is such wonderful news!!!

(I will keep this brief since I already posted on your other thread, LOL!)

You must be so happy to finally be "in production" with the deck....

Wishing you all the best and HUGE success, and I will be PM-ing you to reserve my own copy!


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