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Clarifying Love Spread

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Hi Hulpster,
I'll have a look at your spread and get back to you for more insight!
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I've never gotten what "crosses" mean. Is that like obstacles? What bothers someone? Sorry for my newbie question.
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Hi Cielo,

Thankyou! It would be great to hear your thoughts

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not quite sure how to interpret the meaning...

Hi Cielo =)

I just started using Tarot and am not too good at reading the meanings. It's been about 7 months since my ex broke up with me but I miss/love him still. He's a stubborn Sag/Scorpio and I'm also one such Cancerian, scared to try again, so I tried the ''Clarifying Love" spread and this is what I drew: -

1. 6 of Cups
2. (reversed) Hanged Man
3. The Empress
4. King of Pentacles
5. 7 of Wands
6. 5 of Pentacles
7. (reversed) The Fool
8. King of Wands
9. 2 of Cups
10. The Lovers
11. 3 of Cups
12. The Hierophant

I gather that it's overall positive, thinking if I should be brave and fight to give us another chance but really I'm scared to try again. It's been so long... but the last time we met up about 5 months ago, I think we had a shot of getting back together but I wasn't ready.

Anyways, it would be great to have your insight on my spread.
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Just used this spread for the first time. I'm not done the whole reading, but so far it's uncanny.


I didn't like my reading. It was a really good reading, but it was fluff. Maybe it was too long of a spread or my emotions swayed the answer.

The spread is great, but not meant for me.
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Originally Posted by Cielo View Post
A while ago a good friend of mine asked me to see what was going on with her boyfriend since they didn't seem to communicate on the same level. I made up a spread on the spot and now that I have used it several times with very good results I would like to share it with the rest of you...... Hope the layout is's supposed to look like a heart!
Here goes:


1.Where I stand in the relationship.
2.What's crossing me.
3.Where the other person is standing in the relationship
4.What's crossing him/her.
5.How I THINK things are.
6.How the other person THINKS things are.
7. How things really are for me, advice card
8. How things really are for the other person, advice card.
9. How our energies flow together
10.Outcome for me if I follow this course
11. Outcome for the other person if following this course.
12.Result as a couple.

Hope you enjoy this!

love and joy,

Hi Cielo, or anyone else who has used this spread, I have a couple of questions regarding this spread.

With qn's 7 & 8 (How things really are for you/them/advice) does that mean, this card is telling really advising you what the situation is about OR is it advising you to follow a particular course of action?

I also have a qn about 10 & 11 which is about the outcome. Is this the outcome if they follow the advice of the cards in Qn 7 & 8 OR is that the outcome if they continue to follow the current course of action as depicted in Qn's 1-6?

lol. sorry if what I'm asking is confusing! I'm just confused :S

thank you ,
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I know that I am reviving a four-year old thread but I got the hermit as my outcome card.
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Love this

Love this - so super accurate, as always on the things I did not want to hear!
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