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How Often should i read?

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I wanted to jump in on this question, not because I have a specific answer to the question but wanted to ad my feeling to the conversation.

Many people say that the cards feel something or intend something or that the cards won't like that the same question is being asked over and over again.

In all the years I have been reading I have never thought to give personification to the cards as I've seen in response to this question and indeed in general.

The cards are a tool and only that, and at any given time, they give only the interpretation that is required given the question. Whereas it is true that asking the same question over and over again clouds the issue, I don't believe that this is even remotely because the cards care that you are asking the same question over and over again, but rather because unless something significant has changed, how can the response to the question possibly change.

As for two different people reading the same question in the same day, and getting two completely different readings, I have several comments.

One, in the days leading up to 9/11 (many posters will recall) readers kept getting the Tower card cycling through their readings and whereas at the time, those that commented on it seeming often out of place, with 20/20 hindsight, we can all look back and see that regardless of the reading the Tower was meant to be the card in all of those readings.

Two, I use a revelations deck since my house fire, but prior to that for the entire time I'd been reading, I used a Thoth. Neither deck even has remotely the same imagery, so the Thoth couldn't give me the same cards that my Revelations deck could give me. Easy enough for me to see how one could get the exact same answer to someone's question throwing two different decks.

In addition to that, although every card has base imagery that is interpreted similarly, every card has imagery that when read intuitively changes the reading. I've posted this story before, and I'll post it again to make the point. Everyone knows that the tower card means complete and utter change resulting from a life impacting occurrence. Well, shortly after picking up my Revelations deck, I was turning individual cards, asking questions to which I knew the answers to learn how the deck might respond. Well, I asked if my beloved then very much still newlywed hubby loved me. And to reply yes, the card I turned was the Tower. Under normal circumstances this might make no sense, but to me it was an adamant yes. Why? because the main image on the Revelations Tower is a Hurricane and my beloved nicknamed me his hurricane.

Ultimately, what I'm trying to say is that the cards don't think, they don't feel, they don't care, they simply focus the energy that the reader seeks. And no matter how many times you ask, if the answer remains the same, it is because nothing has changed. And as such, I must reiterate what the others have already said, if the cards continue to give vague airy fairy responses, it is because the answer is not being heard.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the question. I hope they are of value to someone.

with love

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