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Faeries disappearing????

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See, they just love to play with us!!!! I guess they liked your plan to leave them chocolate. And you didn't even have to actually do it!
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...seems they will enjoy playing with you!

(think wise, yet mischievous children)

I think they love all sorts of things, like small trinkets, such as coins, beads, crystals, jewelry findings and small toys.

After reading some of the stories here at AT, I actually got together several items and placed them in a smaller bag and tied it loosely, and then placed that trinket bag into their tarot bag, soon after they arrived.
I add things every now and again.

So far, they've stayed put.

Maybe cause they know they have their own things to play with.
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faery gifts

When I lived in a house, I left bread with butter on the front doorstep almost every day. The faeries liked it, and so did the magpies. Then when I moved to an apartment, I left small pieces of bread, popcorn (I have a small obsession with popcorn) and other foods I enjoyed in a small wooden bowel on my altar. Now that I'm in Taiwan, leaving out food isn't a good idea (it attracts bugs as well as faeries), so I burn fruit tea for them. They really seem to love it. I have never had a problem with them moving stuff on me. I think it is very important to let them know they are appreciated (doesn't everybody want to be appreciated?).
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I do hope you went on to actually give them the chocolate...
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Thanks for sharing your stories & messages everyone!

I will keep that in mind to give more offerings to faeries when spring arrives

Sidhe-Ra, I just slipped some chocolate into the faeries' bag
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Well Bershka welcome to the world of faerie. I am quite sure your eyesight is just fine, the faeries were just messing with you ~giggles~. I consider it a good sign that they like you *LOL*

They have taken several things of mine, never the deck, but when they feel neglected they will take the book. They have taken my book about 5 times over the 7 years I have had them *LOL*. I don't use the book hardly ever, so that is not the problem, but for some reason when I start missing them I go pull out the book even if I am not going to open it (I carry the faereis in my purse so they are always with me whether I am using them or not) *LOL*. What is funny, is that my book looks just as aged as my deck (7 years of constant use does wear on a deck), but the book mainly sits on the shelf. I think maybe they ocassionally take the book to make "aged" and then want me to see what they have done. Granted I just figured this out this week *LOL*.

Here is a good story that I cannot explain *LOL*. A few months ago, I got home to realize that I had forgotten my briefcase which had important personal documents in it. When tracing my steps mentally, I know I walked out of the office with it and my last recollection was putting it down so I could open my car door. I gulped and realized I probably left it out in the parking lot, and had just become the ideal candidate for identity theft. I was really sweating the big bullet if you know what I mean. Well if someone were going to take it, it was gone so I just went to bed begging the faeries to help me. The next morning I woke up to find the Ilbe the Retriever card on my dining room table. Mind you, I had not taken the deck out of my purse or used the cards since the previous morning! I took that as a great sign, put Ilbe back in the bag and came to work. I drove up, nothing was outside. Went into my office, and very deep in the back under my desk was my briefcase, a place I cannot reach unless I crawl under my desk so I would have never put it there! To this day I swear Ilbe saw that I left the briefcase outside and brought it and put it in a safe place. I was so relieved!!!
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They take things from me all the time... this week they seem to have taken my sanity... and my grounding to the "real" world... I am spending a lot of time in the spiritual world this week... even though I need to be grounded... especially at work... but they won't let me.
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bershka  bershka is offline
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Oh wow, very interesting stories! I hope it doesn't happen to me LOL

This is the first time the faeries have been treating me this way, but I left some chocolate on the deck so I hope they will act nice for a while

I tend to spend a lot of time in nature, so I hope this will make them act less mischievous
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Willow Huntermoon 

I also heard they like milk and honey. You could get a thimble and fill it with milk and honey, they like shiny things.
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bershka  bershka is offline
Join Date: 26 Oct 2007
Location: New York City
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^ Thank you for the suggestion.

This reminds me to buy some honey that I have been putting off LOL !!!
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