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Decks You Wish You Hadn't Bought?

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Join Date: 02 May 2008
Location: At the foothill of the mountain
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Mystic Dreamer. Ick. ;-p Typical Llewelyn box with book; oversized and hard to store. But that wasn't the reason I regretted the purchase, though I wish Llewelyn would change their "format" as I do not want a companion book/oversized box/no tuckbox/cards floating everywhere with every Llewelyn deck I buy.

The cards are teeny tiny imagery which doesn't resonate with me. Awful borders; I thought they would look better once I saw the cards, but they detract from the images. The moment I saw it, I knew it was a mistake. Squinting to read it. Teen angst. The same symbols like birds and moons repeated over and over again.
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I was thinking about buying the "Mystic Dreamer" tarot a couple years ago, because at the time I kind of liked the artwork, glad I didn't--one, because I tend to grow bored with RWS-clones [the MD kind of fits into this category] and two, I see quite a bit of dissatisfaction with the "Dreamer" on these threads.
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There are 3 that I bought that I regret...sort of... The Tarot of the Vampires, I really don't know what I was thinking. I gave that to my 16 yr old son and he loves it. Also The Legacy of the Divine. The art work is cool but it left me feeling cold. Also gave that to my son. He doesn't connect with it either but keeps it anyway for the artwork. And then there is the Shadowscapes deck. I bought that when it first came out and there was all this hype surrounding this deck. There is just so much going on in this deck. I've kept it because (maybe) someday I would love to sit down and work with when I have's a great thought anyway.
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Miss Divine 

Plenty... Most of them are gone, but I'm still ''stuck'' with several.

My most recent purchase that I regret is the Mystic Faeries. They looked so much better online. The card images are tiny inside those busy borders, and the colors are too pale. I don't think I will ever be using this. Ah well...
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Deviant Moon, which I traded away. I think that deck is like good Scotch; you either love it or you hate it.

Most recently I am really sorry I spent as much money as I did on the Daniloff. The art is gorgeous but the card stock is really flimsy and the corners are not even rounded.
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FallynRaiyn  FallynRaiyn is offline
Join Date: 12 Nov 2011
Location: washington usa
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witchy tarot. the price was right.
but spoonfeeding a frog spaghetti and kissing a donkeys butt as a trial? ......that's only the beginning of what is wrong with this deck. The only thing nice I can say about it is that I wish all decks shuffled so wonderfully.
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SwampLady  SwampLady is offline
Join Date: 02 Apr 2013
Location: Louisiana USA
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The Dark Angels Tarot. I love Gothic and dark imagery but just couldn't in anyway connect to any of the cards and they were just weird. to me.

Oh and there was this deck I bought because I loved the artist. But the pips were strange. Roses, butterflies, crosses and masks. I remember looking at them and then just totally turned off.

Oh and then there was this heart shaped deck. I actually loved the art work, but i dreaded shuffling it.

I am sure there are more. I just can't think of them all right now. lol
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Probably already mentioned it, but Sacred Sites! What a waste of my money, as I've never used it and don't even really think it's that pretty. Oh well.
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CheapShoes  CheapShoes is offline
Join Date: 11 Feb 2013
Location: Missouri, USA
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These are bound for the rubbish heap, campfire, or trade.
1. Golden Tarot (Dean) - plain uninspiring pips and boring. I do like the invisible death ghost card though
2. Crystal Tarot (Permutt) - safe children colors, crude drawings, plain pips. A teenager might like it... maybe.
3. Lost Tarot of Nostradamus - complex, alchemy, and gothic (in the original sense of the word)
4. Universal Waite. - so boring I've never done a reading on it.
5. Crowley's Thoth - my intuition says run as fast as you can. Makes me dizzy and my stomach sick looking at it... never had that happen before. And I just got it. Something's not right. Not sure if I'll wait it out or believe my intuition.
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Originally Posted by Carla View Post
Probably already mentioned it, but Sacred Sites! What a waste of my money, as I've never used it and don't even really think it's that pretty. Oh well.
That's a deck I was really looking forward to, based on the images from the Internet. But in real life it was disappointing.
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