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Pixie's Hidden Lenormand....

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Originally Posted by Sinduction
Holy cow! Are these images hidden in her deck somewhere? Will I have to grab my magnifying glass to find them?

I think this is fantastic!
He he he told you
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Very clever Starlightexp.
(and a good yarn as well)

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Le Fanu 

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What a wonderful thread! You have no idea what you have unleashed here! Now none of us will settle until we have seen ALL the cards and then we'll beg you to print them and make a set and, sell them and....and...
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Originally Posted by Ashtaroot
Omg omg you made me cry!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't cry Princess

PS- I cant help my ADD behavior

These are fantastic!

'The 93"
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sporadic magic

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Someone should alert Roppo!
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I'm present, Ma'am! The word "Pixie" never fails to attract my attention.

Go, starlightexp! It never occurred to me to make a Lenormand deck from her works. I'm really looking forward to it!
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NCOMING CALL the phone said, cutting off the picture on the screen. He was jolted back to reality.
“93” he said
“Oh you wish” she replied. The 93 as he called her was a member of the local OTO. He was never sure what to call it was it a branch, chapter, franchise… who the heck knew. All he knew was that is was all Uncle Al all the time there.
“So did you get the news from the Princess?” he asked
“Yea she is freaking out. What the heck is that noise??”
“Sorry the tea kettle was going off. How’s it going?”
“So get this. I’m at the Doctor’s office and while I’m waiting I’m spreading out the Lenormand deck so I can remember what they mean.
“Ok.” He was amused that the bug could hit such a die hard tarot lover. Not that he thought her Thoth deck had anything to worry about.
“And so I’m doing this right, there is a freaking extra card!”
“Another one of Pixie’s?”
“Yea. Oh My Goddess, I didn’t know what to do!”
“Have you told The Princess yet?”
“Yea, she wants us to come up to visit tomorrow.”
“Ok, I work in the morning so I can pick you up about 2:00 that good?”
“Yea, We’ll pick something up to eat on the way.”
“Cool, see you tomorrow then. Oh can you send me a pic of the card you found?”
“Ok, 93”
“What-ev-er.. You don’t even know when to say it.”
“ I know, but I figured that I’ll get it right at some moment and them I’ll have some goetic demons flying out of my butt or something.”
“BYE!!!!-----Bring your Pixie stuff with---oy”

The phone went silent as he finally poured himself a cup of tea. What the heck had they stumbled upon? More importantly would anyone believe them even if they told? BEEP….. The phone had downloaded the latest pic from the deck. He looked at it.
Attached Images
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formerly similia

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Great stuff SLE, but you should have stuck with smaller numbers. You're now expected to complete at least 32 cards
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Grigori what are you talking about.
The SLE, the Princess and the 93 are not creating these cards.
It's the Pixie doing it.
They said so, and they don't lie.
Except maybe sometimes the 93.
But only for good reasons, probably.
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Y'know I don't have a Lenormand deck - couldn't get into it. But I'd definitely get and study a Pixie Lenormand ...
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