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Selenite- who uses it, and how do you feel

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I have not used Selenite but I find it to be very beautiful with this "otherworldly" feeling to it!
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Thank you for all your feedback on selenite, I have finished my work with selenite and retired it for Blue Lace agate.

I found that selenite was great for highlighting issues with chakras and also balancing them. I found connecting to my higher self was a speciality with this stone, and also because it has a point it can concentrate energy into that point. I felt someone hold mine, and it was pointed at my heart and I had to tell her to move it away, its very powerful, and infused with your energy it gets even more powerful and focused.

I do a lot of moon meditations being a Cancerian, and this one really intensified the power of the meditation.
This would bring uncomfortable issues to the surface very quickly if you had any, luckily I just needed my chakras tweaked, and also calming after the Aries new moon!

Thanks for all the responses
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This is an interesting thread! I have some lovely large peices and although i've not worked directly with them i've found my cats obsesses with laying next to or on them! so they are really liking the energy form them!
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Kitties LOVE Selenite. So do snakes and lizards. Unless you live in an old house that was never renovated, or below the equator, you probably do too.

If I had a piece of selenite I liked, I might make it into a candle holder, as they are very resistant to heat. Even selenite rendered to anhydrite will take on humidity to just render back to selenite, so the heat of a candle won't really matter. It is the calcium/sufate ph balance that makes it stable, not the water. That is basically what it is Calcium cancelling the acidic nature of naturally occuring sulfuring acid. The reaction trapped water and now you have selenite.

It is naturally warm, like all forms of gypsum.
This makes it useful for being a comfy zone for relaxation and peace. It is not really a "stone" per se, but a mineral; a sulfate, the most common. Made of Sulfate, Calcium, and Water. Take the Water out, and you get Anhydrite. You can take it apart with your hands, so be careful letting a kitty with claws near it. They could easily take a chunk out. You can get carving tools and simply carve at selenite like a block of soap. And it is not a stone, it is a alkali mineral composite, so there is no reason to keep it in any given shape unless you simply like it.

Your car battery (if leaden) probably has the makings of Selenite in it, if it got to the right temperature. Do not bury this stone unless you realize that (depnding on the ph balance of the earth it is in) that it may partially render back to the soil. It is HIGHLY water soluble. Don't even think of that.

I hear this "stuff" about Selenite being the only thing that can reprogram or cleanse quartz, but this is (in my experience) bunk. There are tons of ways to do this in simple kitchen chemistry. Though I dislike the word "reprogram" in relation to minerals and stones.

Sulfate was the most common subfumigant there is. Even "burning sage" is actually burning sulfur. Epson salts are the same. The nature of Sulfur is cleansing.

Sulfate is the salt of Sulfuric Acid. Your Selenite is essentially calcium and "brimstone" bound to atomic water. Roast this with Zinc, and you get the White Vitriol of the Alchemist. DO NOT TRY MINERAL ALCHEMY AT HOME KIDS, unless you know what you are doing.

One of the greatest uses for this was by Abu Mansur, the famous Persian Alchemist and Physician: He advised to heat Selenite on low heat, until it become a white "lime" (anhydrite cause all the water is gone) and then mix it with the white of a egg (cause it breaks down very easy). This plaster is useful for making casts and setting bones. This same plaster was the original plaster of paris. "Selenite" plaster of paris is *very* nice to work with but you have to ask for it by name.

We dont use actual egg anymore as the binder and usually lower quality "industrial gypsum" (because of the greater demand and ability to refine it), but this same type of material (not as hard) is what "sheet rock" or "drywall" is made of.

Your home is probably full of selenite. Hopefully you love that!
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Love It!

I am now a devout follower of Selenite, especially the wand-variety. During a bout with arthritis/nerve pain, I held the massage wand on one hand in a desperate attempt to feel healings of some sort. It worked. The scorching, deep-fried feeelings on both my arts were gone overnight. In addition I also experienced the most vivid dreams that night. Almost as if I was being transported into another realm, a future realm. I believe it was a pre-cognitive experience.
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I have a huge selenite piece (I call it a's a very long rectangular piece) which I use for chakra cleaning, balancing, tarot deck cleaning and assisting me in focusing in meditation. I also have a great polished selenite cabochan (oval) that I have with my favorite deck and a teeny 'spike' that's with a mini deck that I carry in my purse!
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I use selenite sometimes for meditation. I use in with lapis lazuli, iolite, and azurite.
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I love Selenite, I have a few of these crystals. I've also made an Angel grid with four Selenite tumblestones place by each leg of my bed, they're supposed to attract angelic energy. I've also got a selenite crystal ball and a wonderful selenite tea light holder as well as a rought selenite tower. I love the way selenite catches the light, its a beautiful crystal.
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LOL . . . I know I am resurrecting an old thread :)

I was searching thru the forum about selenite to get other ppl's experiences. I bought my first after seeing it in stock at a local shop. Before now, I have only seen it online and read its properties. It is *beautiful* in person.

I have not programmed mine as I prefer to just let it intuitively give me what I need. I hear it is good for all sorts of things. I have a lot of clear crystals, but none of them are this color. It is sooo angelic. It is a milky clear color, with pearl striations thru out.

I read that selenite never needs cleansing. I do not necessarily trust that belief with any crystal until I can see for myself. After I got it home, I cleansed it to my satisfaction. What's so funny is, when I picked the crystal out at the store, the sales lady kept rubbing on it and stroking it. I was like, "I have got to get her energy off of it." LOL.

I use it in my psychic readings, and it is so strong and awesome. My 3rd eye and hands tingle and itch. Although I did not sleep with it under my pillow, I had the most vivid dreams the 1st night with it, even with the crystal 6 feet away. In my dream, two deceased people (my recently deceased Dad and someone else I did not know) came to me with very glassy, shiny eyes ( the "shine" remarkably resembled selenite). They both asked me to check my voicemail and to check my Mom's oil level in her car. And, then, as I slept, I felt I was going in and out of consciousness and felt people watching over me as I slept.
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I got a baseball-sized selenite sphere for my friend who does hypnosis. I almost didn't want to give it to her because it's sooooo cool and mesmerising to play with and gaze into... She really likes it, and she finds it relaxing to handle it every night before going to bed.
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