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Dreamless Sleep

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When people asked for help with nightmares while I was working in a gem and mineral shop, snowflake obsidian volunteered. It offered, I trusted, recommended and all of the people reported restful sleep. This included people asking for a loved one or friend. This is no guarantee, but it's well worth a try.

You can wear it, but that's not necessary. Ask it to help you not have nightmares, then place it beneath the pillow, nearby on the bed, a nightstand, or beneath the bed will do. Snowflake obsidian is black with what look like white snowflakes on it. I've seen many animals carved from it, spheres and other shapes. How about a brave snowflake obsidian bear to watch over you while you sleep? I gave one to a relative for that purpose.

I would stop wearing your other stones to bed as well. Then you can add them one-by-one once you stop having nightmares. Ask which stones would like to shield your room and accept their offers. Advice regarding your new stones feels good. (I love how people jump in to help on this forum.) In addition, place them on or touching citrine, kyanite or clusters to watch how they clear. Feel them, then feel them after being away from the clearing stones for awhile. Trust your inner guidance regarding what to do. Any stones with issues may have come to you for help. It can be a journey, but once you know how to clear them, you'll know how to clear yourself and anything else.

Oh, also, a piece of selenite can help keep the energy around your bed clear, along with the stones sleeping with you. I had forgotten about selenite as a stone who clears others without holding discordant energy. I've slept with a bar of clear selenite beneath my bed for many years.
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Glass Owl 

Thanks so much for the tips. I didn't think about a dream diary. Some of the things in them seem so vivid and scary upon waking and then they fade. I also wonder if some of it may be due to not staying hydrated. I struggle with drinking enough water and I know I have been neglected that.

I didn't consider the time change. It has seemed to affect me in other ways. While I haven't moved anything around in the bedroom, I have moved a lot of things in the living room so maybe that has changed the energy flow in the room.

I suspect that I need to cut back on all of the crystal jewelry I'm wearing, at least for a bit. Multiple bracelets, necklaces, etc. Maybe it is just a case of too much and it is overloading me. Or maybe they need some cleaning. I have been wearing lapis lazuli, hematite, etc every day and I think they are strong for me. I do find my blue lace agate pendant very soothing so maybe I will just wear that during my waking hours for awhile and see if calms my nightmarish dreams down. I don't have any blue topaz but I bet it is lovely.
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definitely I'd say you are right - if your blue lace agate helps, wear it for a bit! and nothing else. When I wear more than one stone, I make sure it is a stone that "gets along" with the other stone. And I make sure to never wear more than 2 different stones at a time...I also find that wearing a clear, see-through crystal with an opaque or cloudy crystal helps...

Perhaps, as Stonesatiety suggested, you can go to the crystal shop and "ask" a stone to help you - focus on the problem as you walk around the stones - one will surely jump out at you! (Usually the one you least expect... :p)

I can see how changing the flow of the living room - especially if it is under your bedroom - would have changed things...

And I also have a hard time drinking water...
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shelikes2read  shelikes2read is offline
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I found out the hard way that if I try to meditate with Smokey Quartz while lying down, the end result is going to be a nap instead of a meditation session. So I would recommend that stone as one to help promote sleep.

To get rid of unwanted dream topics, I have had success with something that I'll gladly recommend. I had heard that if we plant a thought in our minds while we are falling asleep, it will take root. So if there is a dream topic that you would prefer not to revisit, then as you are falling asleep -- when you are in that half-awake state where the subconscious is starting to move to the surface -- tell yourself firmly that you refuse to dream about Topic X again. Or that you insist that your dreams will promote a good quality of restfulness, and will allow for refreshing sleep.

Programming the stone you choose to sleep with in such a way as to support your self-hypnosis efforts during your falling-asleep time will help, too.
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