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Experiences with Celestite?

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Talking Experiences with Celestite?

Hi all,

I recently picked myself up a gorgeous piece of celestite and I'm curious to hear from others about their experiences with this lovely little stone. It's absolutely beautiful, but whenever I hold it I feel 'out of it' for a better term. I feel spacy and ungrounded. Has this happened to anyone else before? I know that celestite is said to raise vibrations, but this is intense!
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It's interesting that you have such a strong reaction to this stone. I don't personally have such a strong response- I find it usually to emit a more gentle, soothing energy, though still at a high vibrational frequency. In my research I've found that most people feel the same way about it- that it is high energy but in a soothing manner. I wonder if you have a susceptibility due to particular high activity or openness in your upper chakra areas! Perhaps you would be well served by balancing it with one of your favorite grounding stones- maybe some of the heavier ones like Hematite could be too much, but for instance, I enjoy some calming/grounding effects with Ruby Zoisite, which I think can help bridge between the lower and upper chakras (could be just what you need)!

Can you imagine being in the Celestite Crystal Cave in Ohio? You can walk right into a Celestite geode. Phew!!! I bet anyone could feel a bit spacey in that kind of overload. Sounds like quite an experience!
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Thanks Singer, I'll try that. I actually recently went for a Reiki treatment and my therapist told me exactly what you said - all the upper chakras were swinging wide open and need to be balanced properly

Wow, that sounds amazing! I'm sure you'd walk out of it barely touching the ground!
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My experience with Celestite is much like what singerofpeace described: it's always kind of gentle and soothing for me, and never intense like it has been for you. Just my $0.02.

I will add this, though, on the practical side of things: if you're like me, and you like to carry a Crystal or two around in your pocket with you, you might want to take some extra precautions to protect your Celestite. It seems to be a bit soft, and I no longer take it with me, because every time I had it in my little Crystals bag with another stone, it would always come away looking just a tiny bit more chipped here and there (and I wasn't carrying anything sharp, and I definitely wasn't doing anything to the contents of my pockets that would seem potentially damaging to them!). Now I just leave it in a specific place on a dresser, and I only carry around the stones that seem to stand up to the rigors of travel without any apparent damage...
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New to Celestite

I was recently drawn to a beautiful piece of Celestite. It came into my life about two months ago and the energy it brings is, as others have mentioned, very gentle, soft and soothing to me. It has had a permanent place on my crystal altar since day one right beside another lovely peice of rose quartz. It is too large to carry with me, as I do love carrying stones in my pocket daily, but I feel drawn to another larger peice that hopefully soon will be added. I haven't spent much time researching the properties of it. This is just my personal experience and felt the desire to share.
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Sweetcherise, your piece sounds lovely! I use my celestite when I need to relax, and loose my tension. It works very well that way

It also seems very good at opening the crown chakra. It is said to dispel insomnia, and allow for deeper sleep.

Here is some more information on celestite (I am not affiliated with website. The info comes from The Book of Stones, by R. Simmons.)

Oh and Frac Ture, you are right - it breaks and chips very easily. It is a very soft mineral.

Audelia, how are making out with yours?
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