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Rose Quartz/Plant entity

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Rose Quartz/Plant entity

Greetings, I am new here, my name is Gisella. I found this forum via google search, and it felt like the right place for me to share my experience with this dream/get your opinions. I am sill scratching my head about it, and still feeling emotional.

There are portions of the dream I do not recall, however Ill attempt to elaborate on every detail I remember upon waking up.
Before going to bed (at 6:50AM due to insomnia) I popped a 3mg Melatonin pill.
I placed an Amethyst polished pyramid stone under my pillow, like I do every night.

As I can remember, my dream started with me walking on an unknown street, but something about the feel & atmosphere, reminded me of my late maternal grandmother in (it's in Dominican republic) neighborhood (where I used to spend my summers as a child), on the rear of her block that i used to walk by every weekend, to go play with my childhood friends until the age of 13...I am now 36.
Upon walking & noticing the subtle darkness of the sunset, I saw a few spinning black triangle shaped ships in the sky. I reacted to them, by pointing them out to people walking by, but they did not care to look or acknowledge it.
I tried screaming it out when I saw more of them, they seemed to be spinning, lowering their orbit, and eventually falling somewhere.
I know this was a lucid dream, because I was aware that I was dreaming (happens often), so I did have some control of it; and since I wasn't able to scream out to people to warn, I spoke though to myself "Just say it in your mind" And it worked! People started panicking, running everywhere to dock!

All of the sudden, I was at this fancy hotel, staying in a suite with family members, only
they were not my family but i the dream, those strangers were my parents & siblings.
I looked out the window, and a huge triangle was falling towards me, I flinched when it got closer, getting smaller and smaller, eventually falling in my hand.

I don't remember if it was hot or cold, but it turned into a rough Rose Quartz.
I was a little freaked out by it, because it started lighting up on my hand. And when I placed it on a table it stopped,I grabbed it again, and it was lighting up like red neon lights. I felt the presence of my "dream father" observing me right behind me, almost hovering.

The rose quartz was weirdly growing leafs with weird little white fibers on their edges, and I blew on it, like you would a dandelion. And the growing leafs would disappear, re-appearing, but blowing on them would no longer revert it after a few tries (That was me scared it would tun into something malignant).
I felt that the being within this plant like thing was a female entity, & I got the impression that it had evil intentions...But somehow, this man walked in, he looked like an obese burglar, and tried to steal her from me, interestingly enough, I was trying to fight him, and in the midst of it, she grew these electrical cables, and I felt that she was telepathically asking me to put them on my skin, as if her weakening strength needed to be re-charged with my energy.
I nodded, and put the cables (2 of them) on my right cheek. I felt the connection, she was lighting up again, but the man violently interrupted it, and snatched her from me.
I started crying, screaming for him to not harm her, and give her back.
I chased him, running as fast as I could, while I observed the loose cables dangling as this disgusting man was taking her away from me.
I got closer, I reached out for the cables, and once more placed them on my cheeks.
She lit up lie a Christmas tree, and expelled a red laser splitting the man in half.
I did not react in any way other than great overflowing relief, I grabbed her, hugged her so tight and old her "I love you, I love you" I called her by her name ( But I can't remember it now )People were staring at me, and I cried to them saying "I love her" As tears just kept coming.
I woke up.

I am still at awe!

Thanks for reading this, cant wait to hear your thoughts!
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