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May faeries

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Join Date: 05 Nov 2001
Location: Brisbane, Australia
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May faeries

It's only one day till the end of the month. I thought it might be interesting if we posted our thoughts on our May daily spreads and May faeries. Things like, any recurring faeries that appear, themes, types of faeries, insights etc.
I'll post mine after tomorows reading!
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Join Date: 05 Nov 2001
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Posts: 397
My May faeries

Amazingly, today was the first day I got a double up. I had a different card everyday of my month. Today, I drew Himself for the second time.
I've found my daily spreads truly reflect the energy of the day. In terms of faery types, I got the most helpline troupe, followed closely by Sidhe. I didn't draw a single Challenger (thank goodness, life is challenging enough!).
This month I seem to have the strongest relationship with Green Woman- she seems to taunt me LOL. I'm having the most trouble understanding Himself (coincidentally the only one I've drawn twice).
My conclusion- I've been getting a lot of help from the faeries this month (reflect in my life, too) to slowly move on a healing path. Himself seems to appear at times I feel lowest. They seem to be slowly introducing themselves- hence a different one everyday!
I'd love to hear your faery experiences this month!
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Faerie Lin 

Bodach has been coming up lately! lol, reversed!. I am thinking he is coming around in reference of my mother in law, whom normally I think asks too many questions about how I do things with the baby. (I HATE that) But she has been doing some very generous things lately. Last weekend my husband and I were able to actually finally go out to eat and have some time to ourselves, she babysat Gavin for the whole day and night. She gave us money to insure we would have a good time. I thought that was really sweet.

Anyone else?

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Join Date: 28 Aug 2001
Location: Missouri, USA
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Well Butterfly,
You know what's been coming up for me!!! LOL Thanks for all your help. Talking to you about the Topsie Turvets and what trouble I've had with understanding the faerys lately has cleared the confusion up I think.
Just yesterday I did a reading that I actually understood!! ROFL That's a first for about the last 2 to 3 weeks!! So far me most of May has been total confusion!!
But just so everyone else who didn't read my previous thread knows.....I had been getting the turvets almost every reading for a week or so. BUT they started showing up just when I thought I was beginning to know what I was doing???? Which confused me to no end. I'm still not sure what they were doing but butterfly suggested that maybe they were playing with me. You know kind of teasing because I had finally gotten stuff settled??? (shrug) Who knows for sure??
Actually I have gotten quite a few of the same faerys through the month of May - the Turvets, Lys of the Shadows, Geeeeoooo the Slow, Epona's Wild Daughter, Laiste Moon's Daughter, and ALOT of the singers throughout the whole month!!!! Yes, I've been going through ALOT of changes lately!!! LOL
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Halfway through May I got Ffaff the Ffooter, three times before I got the message that he was telling me. Had been feeling really drained and tired!! - too much time spent here, too many readings - losing my grounding. So I've had a week off doing the garden & being all domestic - horrors .

And then last night of the month out comes the Collective of Pixies - another wake up call as to my attitude. Hit the nail right on the head every time.

Hopefully I'll get it all together this month - certainly won't be the faeries fault if I don't.
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