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faery stuff

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hmmmm.. Sounds interesting.. I would love to join your tea party.. Cute little wooden chairs and a little wooden table filled with yummy stuff.. Imagine climbing a tree to reach the faery house (something like the "Faraway tree" by Enid Blyton)...
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Not specifically only for use with the faeries(can be used with any deck), but a great way to get to know the faeries better all the same. I will send you here my meditation technique for meditating on the cards. I have used it with the faeries and it is a great technique to get to know them better. I have even used this meditation as part of faery readings for others and have heard the info the faeries told me in the meditation was accurate and insiteful. So this is my meditation:

This is the meditation I use (taken from my book Complete Illustrated Guide to Tarot, by Rachel Pollack). I find it works very well for me. It’s great for getting to know a card better and/or for developing qualities in yourself. Like if I felt I needed to have more courage, I would meditate on the Strength card. By the way where it says "pause" or "brief pause" those are instructions for it you are tape recording the exercise... Please excuse any typos I make,

"Meditation allows us to engage the pictures on the cards in a very direct way. There are many forms of meditation. We will look at a “program” that will allow you to enter and explore any card. We begin with relaxation. A relaxed state allows you to step outside the usual movement of your life. Choose a place where you can sit comfortably so that you will have to shift around, but try to sit with your back straight (personally I tend to lie down). Place the card you want to explore close by so you can easily pick it up. Since you do not want to stop and consult the book, or even have to remind yourself what comes next, you might want to make a tape of the following directions. Speak softly without rush.

When you have found a comfortable position close your eyes. Feel that you are coming to a rest, still. Let thoughts and plans and problems begin to slide away from you. Begin to breath deeply and easily. Allow the breath to go right the way down to the center of your body. As you take a breath out, release it entirely, in the confidence that your next breath will be there for you when you are ready for it (Brief pause).

As you breathe in, breathe in a deep calm all through your body. Let it radiate through you. And as you breathe out, let the breath carry away any distractions or worries.

And as you breathe in, let your breath bring you the light of the stars. Let it fill you, shine in you. You are a creature of light. And when you breathe out, send the light down into the Earth. Send it through the floor, the dirt, the rock, deep into the Earth. With each breath you become a link between the stars and the Earth (Pause)

Now, with your eyes closed, and staying with your breath, reach out for the card. Hold it in both hands and feel its energy. Quietly open your eyes and look at it. See it for the first time. Absorb all the details, colours and characteristics. When you have seen it fully, close your eyes again and visualize the card in front of you (Brief pause)

Open your eyes and look again. What details did you miss? What small form or gesture did you leave out? Now close your eyes again and set down the card. Once more see it in front of you, Let the picture become bigger, the size of a book, then a window. And bigger still, until it becomes like a doorway. A doorway to a living world.

Motionless, with your eyes closed, imagine yourself standing before the doorway. Now step through it. Now you find yourself inside that world.

Let yourself look around. The world has grown beyond the picture. Feel the ground, the breezes, smell the air, hear any noises of birds, people or wind (Brief pause).

As you look around, you see the characters from the original picture. They are active now, and you watch them move and speak (Pause)

Now you find yourself drawn to them. You approach them and one figure, a person, or animal, or object draws you still closer. You feel a special bond with this figure, this ally. Allow yourself to explore than (Pause).

And now this powerful figure asks you to come very close. You approach the figure and the being offers you a precious gift. Allow yourself to discover this gift and accept it. (Pause). Now your give your ally a gift in return (Brief pause).

Your recognize that the time has come to leave. You say goodbye to your ally and let yourself step back. As you move away the scene becomes the way it was before you entered it. You look and see the doorway behind you. You step back through it, so that the scene once more lies on the other side. And not the doorway begins to shrink—the size of a window, a large book, a card. Now the picture you have created dissolves before you.

Sit quietly for a moment, then take a deep breath, and when you let it out, open your eyes. Write or draw in your journal what you have experienced."

I also tend to take it as an opportunity to ask any questions I have at the time that I feel this ally/source of wisdom would be able to answer, as well as sensing the atmosphere. So I do use the opportunity to have a discusssion with the faeries on whatever I need advice on. For myself, that usually amounts to 2-3 short answers to questions, but they have been very helpful, and I have used this as part of my readings for others and the answers they give me tend to be accurate and wise.

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Hi Bar, thanks for the lovely meditation.. Im gonna jot it down in my faery book and will definately try it..
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