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Aurora369  Aurora369 is offline
Join Date: 16 Sep 2009
Location: New Jersey, USA
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I have ordered crystals and other stones from this guy and he is very reliable and reasonable. I like the untumbled stones and he has quite a lot of them. Adds to his stones almost every keep a look out on a daily basis if you do not see what you want today.
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SacredVision  SacredVision is offline
Join Date: 16 Oct 2010
Location: Utah, USA
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I have to give her a review because this site was a DREAM to work with.
Sandies psychic stones was so wonderful to work with! I received a receipt from Sandies store promptly after purchase. It was then when I realized "SHOOT! they have the wrong shipping address!" I sent an email requesting a change. This email was sent on a Saturday so I was sure I wouldn't get a response until Monday and it would be too late but I tried. Much to my surprise I got a response back in like 10 minutes (ON A SATURDAY no less!) It wasn't even an automated response... I'm thinking either Sandy herself or someone else gets the emails on their phone. Anyways they said of course no problem and I got my stones on Wednesday of the next week. They shipped it first class USPS.

When I got my stones they were even more stunning than on the site (by far)! And they were each in their own little pouch labeled with name and properties I was so pleased I wish she had more of a selection, but she did have a few stones I was having a hard time finding else where. Her prices were great, service was impeccable, shipping mighty fast, and product was better than the pictures (go Sandy for not photoshopping up your stones). Oh and the best part was she sent me an email on friday asking if I got my package ok.

I really liked working with crystal cure and healing crystals to. I am big on customer service and I know all three of those site were previously listed, but I'm a stickler when it comes to online shopping and these three are great to work with, but Sandies psychic stones really wowed me so those are my top three picks so far.
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Does anyone know any sites where I can buy beads in quantities smaller than an entire string?
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I bought some gemstone beads from They are very inexpensive, have a nice selection and they come on cardboard with a handful of beads on plastic fishline that you cut off and then string the way you want. They also have some donut shape pendants and fan shape beads. Also, alot of their items are on sale. Minimum purchase is $15 and only $3 shipping. This other site, is WAY expensive, nothing I can afford, but their gemstone items (no beads) are out of this world! Colorful eye candy, though!
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