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Himself (17)

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Join Date: 13 Aug 2002
Location: Perched with ravens, New Mexico
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noooooooo nooooooooooooo nooooooooooooo

Don't you dare insult Himself by comparing him to Brad Pitt, Willie .

The key to Himself's sexiness is how he looks *right at you.*

He is one of the few Fae who are looking at YOU in the card. Unlike the Sage, which feels a lot like Himself when he reaches his Crone stage to me, Himself has youth on his side. And he's topless.

To me, there is something about holding this card in your hand and looking into his eyes that is mesmerizing. I can only hold his gaze so long, if that makes sense. It is intense, and I think women react to this intensity with a distinct "ovary twitch" (as me and my friend used to call it).

He is nothhhhhhhhhhing like Brad Pitt, in my humbly-shouted opinion.
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Join Date: 28 Oct 2002
Location: Australia
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Himself is better than Brad Pitt !!!!
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Just thought I'd ruffly your feathers a bit. Youth is good. So is toplessness. *grin*
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Join Date: 08 Dec 2002
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A long time ago, there used to be a thread here dedicated to this one fine sexy fae man, but it seems as though it is so old now, that it has retired to the old thread grave yard. After reading Purples' thread about Himself, I thought it to be time again to do another thread on Himself.

What I've found that he means, he's told me stories about him dancing around the camp fires wildly, i've watched him a few times dancing myself, he's enchanting to watch. He's told me stories about hunting, fighting, and being a great warrior. After long periods of meditation and long conversations with himself, I've come to recognize the similarities between him and the God of the Hunt, Pan, as well as Cernunnos. Since this discovery, I know see him as the God of the faery realm. Now when he turns up, he means so much more then aligning chakras, he talks of the strength of the mind, the strength of the heart, and the solid connection between them. This connection made solid by one's own faith in their higher power of choice. Perhaps they have lost their way, or faith, or just now finding their way. He's here to remind us that the God energy (no matter what religion) is still with you, and that He is calling, expecting you to come forth to him. His message is usually very penetrating and deep if he has a personal message to give, but the message is healing as well. He tells you the truth, but the truth that matters for you to know about yourself. He openly embraces you into his arms if you should accept his embrace.

I can see how he can be scary, his eyes, the way they penetrate down into your soul, and then speaks to you about your core energy is intimadating, but I usually see this in the Dark Lady more then Himself. Himself feels comfortable to me, I feel him beckoning me to the camp fire, influencing me to dance along side with him showing me how best to release my energies and to accept new cleansing energies to replace the old.

To me, Himself represents various Gods, and speaks from the universal God Concious. What you need your God to be is who he is. For me, my God is Himself.

Please, everyone, I encourage you to pull out this sexy fae man and to share what his message is, or what he represents to you, all of you!
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Join Date: 07 Aug 2001
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To me he represents male energy,and mostly the man I love.This energy is strong,but gentle.
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Join Date: 07 Jan 2004
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Himself embodies the integration of body, heart, mind and spirit - he can be physical, loving, wise or transcendent as the occasion requires. He's aligned with the Source, and his presence signals that Source energy is informing the situation. He's an intensification of life, and intensification of everything in the situation.
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Join Date: 02 Oct 2003
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I have had this deck a few weeks but have only spent any 'quality time' with it in the last few days. My first impressions of himself were 'scary' but I have spent a bit of time with him now.

I love himself. He is in his head and mine. He is in his heart and mine. The stars show a connection, himself with his higher self and himself with me. He understands himself so completely and is assured of his affect on others. His eyes dig deep within me. They penetrate, he 'knows'. He has a raw, wild quality about him. He could be a great friend. I think he could be my friend. I sure do need someone to talk to sometimes.

'Trust me, I will take care of you', he says

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Join Date: 13 Aug 2002
Location: Perched with ravens, New Mexico
Posts: 4,700

This is still one of my all time favorite cards, perhaps of all my decks.

I remember last year, after a disheartening haircut that removed 8" of my hair, I was teary and upset one day about it, and happened to have my deck nearby.

I pawed through the cards, absently, until Himself showed up, and then I put him on top so I could look at him.

"My hair is too short now..." I wailed to him in my head. "Look how long your hair is! Won't you help me grow my hair back faster?"

"I tell you what, I'll pull on the ends of your hair until it gets longer, ok?" he offered.

I laughed aloud, I really did, right there in my backyard, when he said that.

And sometimes, when I get my hair caught (in my seatbelt, in my jacket, in my whatever) I think about Himself tugging at the ends to still to help it grow.
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pirate borealis
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Laura Borealis 

When I first saw Himself, he reminded me of a poem by Terri Windling.

...he waits for you, unknown and yet
familiar from forgotten dreams;

Here is a link to the poem:

(It's even better if you read it aloud)

eta to update link
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Just a little prairie faerie
Join Date: 07 Oct 2003
Location: In the Spirit Room, Wisconsin
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That is so amazing! I Loved it!
I printed it out and I'm keeping it in my book next to Himself.
He liked it too, I read it aloud to him.....
Thank you laura_borealis
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