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old path or duidcraft

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guy bannik 
old path or duidcraft

I own the druidcraft tarot deck and am very pleased with it. Recently I saw the old path tarot deck and it looked, well, nice. But I would like to her from people who own both, to tell me what the think abouth the two decks in comparisson.
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hmmmm...... I've owned both for quite a while but never thought to compare them. LOL And no matter what I say in my comparison I love both decks.

The Tarot of the Old Path was the second deck I ever bought years ago. It was the first deck I "got". I was finally able to understand and do little baby readings with it. I love it - partially for sentimental reasons but also because it does read well.

Now after learning to read more though since I get alot of my information from the artwork and details the Old Path is a little sparse on detail in some of the cards for me. With all the white backgrounds - while pretty I don't "see" enough sometimes.

The Druidcraft is easy for me to read with. There is just so much to pull from each card. Now I did have to trim my deck. It was way to big for me to use comfortably. And I love the way the artwork just pops now that I've gotten rid of the white borders.
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Le Fanu 

How odd to compare these decks. I would never have thought to compare them. Llewellyn and Druid Craft, yes...

And I have to confess that I don't have the Tarot of the Old Path. I had the chance to buy one cheap and didn't. And I have two Druid Crafts, which might perhaps answer your question...
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The old path I found just had far to much white space.. although i got a far bit out of it with meditation when i first started my tarot journey, but it did soon fall off my reading pile and into the collection box. I think its coz its a deck made from different artists or different persons ideas that it just felt too chaotic and one level with me.

The druidcraft tho has been well loved and battered, taken to parks and pubs, cornwall, anglsey and everywhere! Mine is trimmed as well and it just works for me Theres something far more 'richer' about this deck, it has more resonance and personality than the Old Path had for me.

Course, its always your choice.
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I have both, the DruidCraft has been my main reading deck for ages, cant gush about it enough , I've recently acquired the Old Path & it's very pretty, but yes there is a little too much white space for me too tho it is beautifully coloured but for me the DruidCraft wins hands down, its more expressive, more earthy & more emotional (imo), if I could keep only one of these 2 it would be the DC!

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Carpathian Dream
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I have both too, although rarely use them these days. They are both beautiful in their own right and I enjoyed using them.

In defence of the Old Path - I found the deck light and airy, and the white space refreshing.
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I have had both.....still have the druidcraft! 2 copies (one trimmed).
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I have both these decks.

I got the Old Path years ago when I was looking for a pagan deck. I found most of the pagan decks rather ugly, especially the Robin Wood, so to me the Old Path was a blessing. I was happy to get it and use it. The majors are really beautiful and filled with pagan elements. While the white does trouble me a bit, it's not what really bothers me in this deck. What really bothers me in this deck is the minors. One way to understand is the Llewellyn Tarot who has the same flaw but way worse, gorgeous majors, so so minors. The difference in the Old Path is small but still there, and the colors (based on the Golden Dawn) they choose for each suit which they put on each card annoy me. I like the deck but felt it was not the perfect pagan deck for me.

I got the Druidcraft some time after it came out. I already had their other decks, Druid Animal Oracle and Green Man Tree Oracle, and the art is really gorgeous, filled with celtic lore. The Druidcraft is really superb, in term of a Pagan and celtic deck. The minors are as suberb as the majors and so far I cannot find it a flaw, to me it's the perfect pagan and celtic deck rolled up in one.

Still, you will have to decide by yourself which one you would like most.
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Faolainn Storm 

Druidcraft, hands down, everytime.

I bought the Old Path many years ago hoping for a beautiful pagan deck to work with. I was SOOOOO disappointed, I cannot begin to express it. The ideas may be pagan, but the execution is terrible. The majors are all pastelly and "fluffy" pagan. And the minors are bland and impossible to read. I think I looked through it once and then threw it into my collection box with all the other disappointments. I haven't even read with it once.

Druidcraft on the other hand is well drawn, well thought out, carefully designed with a complete philosophy behind it. This is not "fluffy-bunny", tinkerbell-fairy, paganism, but real "honest-to-gods" paganism.

However, which one is better for you will greatly depend on you. I know which works better for me.

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HearthCricket  HearthCricket is offline
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I have both, but the Druidcraft is the one that I grab for. The artwork is so rich in colours and I love the artwork. It is a beautiful deck for reading and very earthy. Plus, you get amazing readings with it when you add a card from the Druid Plant and the Druid Animal decks!
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