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What Cards Have You Had For Certain Events?

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Another one is 5 Swords which for me meant acting out of spite.
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Originally Posted by tarot_quest View Post
- someone leaving the country to study abroad: the Fool
Yep! I got this one as well. I asked how my professor in the UK saw me as a person. The Fool! Of course, I was a foreigner -- an American -- studying in England for my Master
s degree. =D

I have a few combos:

The Chariot + Ace of Pentacles Reversed -- Needing to shell out cash for car repairs

The Hierophant + 6 of Pentacles Rx -- Need to start paying back your school loans!

10 of Swords -- getting swamped with work from my Master's course supervisor and feeling mentally drained

Ace of Swords Rx -- a hiring manager decides not to hire me

7 of Cups -- partying to a point of inebriation

5 of Pentacles Rx -- finally finding employment after a long time of job searching

4 of Pentacles Rx -- an unexpected expense

Ace of Pentacles -- a querent of mine got new job!

6 of Pentacles -- I got a raise

Page of Pentacles -- getting money out of the ATM

4 of Cups -- feeling drugged, high, or "out of it"
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4 of Pentacles - a $4 per hour raise at work

Death + Emperor - death of a 57 year old, male relative

Knight of Wands + 10 of Pentacles + Hanged Man - unexpected company
One of our adult children decided to come by unannounced and brought one of their friends with them.

10 of Cups Rx + Ace of Cups Rx + Knight of Cups Rx - Severe depression of a friend (28 year old male)

Queen of Swords + 10 of Pentacles Rx + Page of Cups - Above friend reaching out to me for help.

9 of Cups + King of Wands + 4 of Wands - very busy day taking care of errands and getting caught up on things that need to be done around the house. One of those days when you kick back at the end of the night and you're really happy about everything that you accomplished for the day.
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I've had the Knight of Wands/Chariot reversed as a teen flipping his truck. (Luckily he was not seriously injured)

Also, the Tower as getting out of jail...
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The Emperor is the one card that always comes up in a rocky relationship reading. It tells me their partner is overbearing, a control freak and egotistical, its always proved to be correct.
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ana luisa 

Ace of Cups reversed - miscarriage
Ten of pentacles - a wake
Tower - problems with the computer tower
Queen of Swords rx - mental problems (the reading involved a murder commited by a lady who suffered from several mental problems)
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Knight of Pentacles seems to always be that guy or girl in a romantic reading that moves ridiculously slow... welcome to waiting forever for them making a move or never making a move.

Knight of Cups always seems to be someone who is in love with love.

As a signifier, Queen of Cups women tend towards the beautiful side.

But ....honestly cards for me change meanings a lot depending on the other cards, the context and my intuitive feeling....

Like the 10 of Cups can mean happily ever after OR dreaming about happily ever after, which are completely different meanings. One is real and the other is not.
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Mine that stands out in my mind is the Tower. Every single time I've been going to move, that darned card starts cycling through all my practice spreads and readings for myself. It's done that even when I've been in an ideal place that was good to live in as well as less desirable places I've moved to. I actually hate to start seeing this card, to be honest, because I've moved around all my life and it's getting tiresome. I'm at the point now where other people do the actual moving because physically, I'm not up to it most of the time.
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Seven Cups - pointless drama. It's just a moving deck chairs on the titanic scenario. It tends to indicate to me that the answer isn't in the apparent choices before the querent. You won't find it by looking at the drama and analysing it.
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What a cool thread! Here are some of mine...

The Tower = 9/11 in NYC. I was pulling this card in every reading weeks before it happened. It didn't matter what or who I was reading for.

Temperance = I'm about to be ill usually with a cold

Temperance (for dancers) = Excellent performance, but I only get this card for this situation on my Lover's Path tarot only. Weird.

Empress + Justice + Queen of Swords = bellydancer performing sword balancing choreography

Ace of Pents + 3 of Pents = job interview; job offer

Ace of Pents + 4 of wands = engagement ring

Chariot + Ace of Swords + King of Swords = ambulance ride to the hospital where emergency surgery was performed by a male surgeon

8 of cups + Queen of Swords rx = walking out of a job because of a bitchy boss

Ace of Wands + 8 of wands = man striking up a conversation with a woman he's attracted to.

6 of Wands = when a woman asked for an indication of a future lover, the RWS 6 of wands wound up meaning the lover was a firefighter

Knight of Cups = indicated a plumber who was delivering a new toilet bowl
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