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starchild  starchild is offline
Join Date: 08 Jun 2006
Location: spain
Posts: 134

hi, i have the symbolic tarot cards, only there not the traditional tarot and i dont have the instruction booklet that comes with them. do you know anywhere i can read more about these cards or find some instutions. i cant buy online cause of long boring reasons, so i wondered if i could read up on there meanings somewhere.
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Sulis  Sulis is offline
believer in magic
Join Date: 03 Feb 2002
Location: UK
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Hi Starchild,

Do you mean the Symbolon deck?
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starchild  starchild is offline
Join Date: 08 Jun 2006
Location: spain
Posts: 134

yes sorry i do mean the symbolon deck.
after days of research ive managed to find the names for the majors, i e, th warrier, the ego, the mother,

but i still have to find somewhere that can tell me the names of the remaining 66 minor cards,
ive found the ice queen, silence, and the master and disipline, but thats it.
i cant get hold of the lwb nor the bigger book and as i said i cant order online. so im just basicaly stuck with these buitifull cards untill i can find our a bit more.

i have done a search in aeclectic, thats how i came across the above info.
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AJ's Avatar
AJ  AJ is offline
Join Date: 01 Aug 2006
Location: Pacific NW, USA
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You might start a new thread titled something like Need cards names for Symbolon deck, pretty please?

This is a very giving and warm hearted forum, someone that has the deck would probably list them or email you a scan of the LWB.

Good luck!
edited to add that the whole deck can be seen here
and I can see why you are having a trouble, no titles! Pretty cards though.
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elvenstar's Avatar
elvenstar  elvenstar is offline
Join Date: 17 Feb 2006
Location: uk
Posts: 1,636

You can get the lwb(?) for free here:

Only thing is, it's in german. But you could put relevant bits in an on-line translation thingie and get the general gist
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avalonian's Avatar
avalonian  avalonian is offline
Join Date: 28 Oct 2007
Location: A world of my own
Posts: 1,200

Sorry, I don't have a scanner, but to start you off the cards are:

The Warrior, The Lover, The Mediator, The Mother, The Ego, The Servitor, The Partner, The Seducer, The Preacher, The Master, The Jester, The Angel, Defiance, The Two Faces of Eve, Articulation, Incompatibility, Caring, The Family, Abortion, Mnemosyne, The Ice Queen, Deliverance, Sleeping Beauty-Slumber, The Battle, The Queen, The Actor, The Ailing King, The Wedding, The Magician, Fortuna, The Burden, The Fall, Retreat, Eros, The Stocks, Guilt, Disagreement, The Vampire, The Crusader, Prevention, The Spiteful Troublemaker, The Absolute Fool, The Golden Girl, Clinging, The Gilded Cage, The Marionette, Matter and Spirit, Responsibility for Creation, The Farewell, The Garden of Spirits, The Strategist, Vanity Fair, The Pied Piper, Master and Disciple, Affliction, Dreaming Johnny, Silence, Everyday Life in The Relationship, Castigation, The Inquisition, Fear, The Furies, Deception, Disaster, The Symbolon, Sadness, Separation, The King's Two Children, Black Mass, Depression, The Phoenix, The False Halo, Confession, The Quantum Leap, Pythia, Captivity, Moira, The Question of the Grail.

Hopefully someone else can scan the booklet for you, but in the meantime matching the cards with the titles should keep you busy. It's also worth paying attention to the astrological symbols in the corners.

Maybe this deck found it's way to you without the booklet as a challenge, you may get more out of it than you expect just by looking at the pictures.

Beautiful cards, aren't they? I have been told that my eyes light up every time I look at them!
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Ivy Rhiannon  Ivy Rhiannon is offline
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Ivy Rhiannon 

oh what a pretty deck! I was looking around and found this thread:
Swinkelp had a good post describing the deck.

& this thread where it gave some archetypes:

Home this helps.
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starchild  starchild is offline
Join Date: 08 Jun 2006
Location: spain
Posts: 134

thanks for the replys, there the links i had.
avilonion. this deck did come to me as a challange. funny enough.
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starchild  starchild is offline
Join Date: 08 Jun 2006
Location: spain
Posts: 134

ps, will have fun trying to add these names to the images.
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starchild  starchild is offline
Join Date: 08 Jun 2006
Location: spain
Posts: 134

no i cant work it out. i dont know what some of those names even mean. im also preconditioned so much by the traditional tarot that im finding it hard. i cant believe i cant find a site that gives the images and the names.

the link i was sent to the free lwb in german doesnt work. i have a translator so i would be interested if someone could send a working link.

thanks everyone. it looks like its going to be a late night for me. lol
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