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Decks You Wish You Hadn't Bought?

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Originally Posted by gregory
Sod teenagers. DM is BRILLIANT and wasted on them. So I am posting in the wrong thread. Toodlepip !
<grin> It will be, when it grows up.
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I just happened past this thread again - there are so many decks out there and even the "best" decks of all time are going to have their critics.

If we all loved the same deck, why bother with any of the others?

I personally love the DM, but I can see why some people hate it. It's not for everyone. Just like every other deck that has been mentioned on this thread.

I like the Robin Wood deck but when my mind is a certain way (feeling quite dark as an example) I can't bring myself to look at the skipping smiling dancing figures - it's just too much!

Love and hate - in a way it is easy to feel strongly one way or another for a deck - and I think the feeling can switch over to the other almost as fast.

...and when we label decks "best of all time" then it is certainly going to be looked at a lot more closely to see why it deserves the title. (I'm not saying this deck does deserve this title by the way - I think there is definately more that one deck that shares the attributes of best deck)

Question - If you had to name ONE painting as the best work of all time, which one would you pick? - how could you? There are so many beautiful paintings that deserve the titile for different reasons and some of them are the most moving and dark pieces.

Going to wander off again now....
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Originally Posted by Pam O
Tarot of Reflections. I couldn't even look through the whole deck and I tried several times.
Oh gosh -- I hated this one, too! Definitely on my "wish I hadn't bought it" list. I didn't have it very long before I managed to trade it away, thankfully.

It was the faces that got me. The faces were terrible.
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Originally Posted by Tresha
I totally agree. I'm a rockhound too. I disagreed with more than two thirds of ToGaC.
lol.. My and my wife have are friends with a lovely Druid/Wicca couple that own a beautiful New age shop...we went in and they know I am a Tarot dude and they pull this deck off their counter for me to was this one...what is one to say...sorry, but this is a bunch of rocks got a Rider deck in here lol.........then he proceeded to have me draw one and he looked up the meaning...bless 'em they are sweethearts.

OOh I hate to say which decks as I pined for most (and posted it on here)before buying them.... Okay here we go...

The Parrott -Thoth based...Scary Mary woman featured in deck.....made my peace with Thoth since. I was trying to get away from A.C. stigma again. As Gregory has said about A.C. ..Baby..Bathwater.. Thank you Gregory as always.

Eteilla Book of Thoth - lovely, but what a Blanking bloody trainwreck! That guy was a nutcase lol.. I should have learned from Le fanu and his posts on this deck...collectable only

Tarot of A Moon Garden- So sad it could've been so great without the Barbie doll effect... Love that broken Barbie doll with legs stuck up lol... Get up you dumb plastic bitch, she must been shagging and whomever forgot to put her posable body back in shape so she could walk again....Tarot of the Old Path is a better version of what this deck is trying to be ( I lost my old path deck..cannot find it anywhere..I love that deck..looking for a cheap one..) sad...great colouring and concept in Moon Garden.

The Lovers Tarot (78 version)- Yuck..stinky cardstock and pure mud. Ditto for Zerner/Enchanted yuck... too busy...too girly

Fournier Spanish Tarot - Lovely colouring, but poorly drawn images..that 'Hanged Man' has to go with those floppy hands lol..

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Originally Posted by greatdane
I wonder how many impulse purchases it's been responsible for! Click! At least with most purchases it can give you time to reconsider and regain some sanity and delete! Not so of all online sites....
Hi greatdane,

An impulse buy for me was the Golder Rider. I needed a new RWS deck and this was the only one they had in store at the time. (It was just a tiny arcade shop). I had never seen this deck before and I bought it on a 'one glance' look of the backs of the cards alone - stupid! But, it has turned out to be one of my best deck buys - it's the only RWS deck that works for me.

On the other hand, there are decks I have carefully thought about - taking my time to look at the cards online and read the reviews of 'others' - only to buy them and find myself disappointed. I've come to the conclusion that if I think too much about a deck, it probably isn't going to work for 'me'.

So 'impulse' purchases are not always a bad thing. On 2 occasions now I feel I was led to the decks I was meant to have - both purchased in a physical store, and neither deck falls under the 'popular banner'.

Now I know to avoid being swayed by popularity or because it's a special edition etc. (e.g. PCS Commemorative set was a bad buy for me) or what others necessarily think about a deck. Yes, it's always nice to hear what others think and feel about a deck, but I know I must choose based on what 'I feel'.
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Originally Posted by Freddie
Tarot of A Moon Garden- So sad it could've been so great without the Barbie doll effect... Love that broken Barbie doll with legs stuck up lol... Get up you dumb plastic bitch, she must been shagging and whomever forgot to put her posable body back in shape so she could walk again....Freddie
LOL, Freddie, which card are you referring to?
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Too true, Noelle

Obviously every deck isn't a keeper for everyone. And one certainly can't base one's purchases on just what is most popular at the time or other's opinions, decks have to be one of the most subjective things in the world!

Perhaps you're one of those who can control your impulse buys, but then that is the point I think you're making, to not necessarily control them. For some, that would probably be disaster, looking at how large many people's collections already are! For other's like yourself who may not be attracted to that many decks, it's sounds like a great way to choose your decks! You've made some great purchases on impulse you're happy with.

To know how I really feel about a deck, I HAVE to think about it too, or actually to really know how I FEEL about it, I have to give it some thought or study and see how it strikes me from perhaps one day to the next. It's just been easier to find more "keepers" that way. I don't regret getting any deck though, as ones that weren't keepers found new homes. I have to stay on a budget, so it's nice to keep the "non-keepers" to a minimum and at least don't buy at first "aaaah"! :-).
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Mystic Faerie, I guess. It's a beautiful deck, but something about it just annoys me.
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The Gendron.
Dreadful computer generated art with the same figure in the same pose in loads of the cards. Disembodied heads and bodies manipulated to fit...
Yukk, just yukkkkkk......
I didn't really want to trade it away, I thought it was that bad but someone wanted it.

I've never really regretted buying any other decks because I've either given them away or traded them to someone who loves and uses them..
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Nearly everything that I've traded I regretted buying, and I agree with Sulis about the Gendron as that was one of them. I was also bitterly disappointed in the Vision Tarot, the Voyager and the Gilded.

I'm sure with a bit more time I could come up with a long list!
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