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Decks You Wish You Hadn't Bought?

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Anam Cara 

I haven't regretted a single deck.
Not one.
There are some I could not get my head around
(Thoth comes to mind)
and some that weren't what I expected...

I've sold and traded a lot of decks here on AT,
but I feel I have learned something from ALL of them,
even those I don't keep.

A little bit of every card I have ever held in my hands,
looked at, meditated over, struggled for meaning with,
stays with me and adds to what I've learned and what
I will continue to learn.

No regrets.

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Oh, there have been a few.

Off the top of my head, I can only think of a few, but there're more, rest assured; I just forgot them.

FANTASTICAL-- cold, alien-looking artwork that moves me not an iota. I remember buying it because it was one of the only decks left in the case at the store at the time.

SPIRAL--cards are way too small and cluttered for my taste

FENESTRA--cold, expressionless, dreary; the people in it look like androids or Artificial Intelligence

SACRED ROSE--the eyes have it.

WITCHES TAROT (Ellen Cannon Reed)--the artwork just doesn't speak to me (bought for reasons similar to Fantastical)

TAROT OF THE OLD PATH--I really do not like this artwork, nor the stark white backgrounds. Bought for above reasons, as well.

GENDRON--can't remember if I actually bought this or not--I have blocked out the memory, as it is traumatic!--but I have a strong feeling that I did. What's NOT ambiguous is my dislike for this deck.
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First thing that came to mind was:

Tattooed Tarot by LoS. I just felt I didn't get any 'vibe' at all from this deck. It gave the impression it was hastily put together and the treatment of the artwork (which concept was inspired) really left me wanting. I found the symbolism way too shallow to be satisfying.

Now that I think of it, LoS decks in general. I have 3-4 LoS decks of which only one (Dame Fortune) doesn't have the multi-lingual border which I find very distracting for some reason. I think it's that I'm trying to access a certain part of my mind relating to imagery etc. and with words in the way it throws my concentration somewhat.
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farber and zerner's true love tarot. hate it hate it hate it
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Originally Posted by Annabelle
Oh, I totally agree about the Shadowfox.

Complete and utter waste of money -- and huge waste of space, too, in that enormous box.

It looks so groovy. I just almost bought it and then I thought to search and found this...
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Just the Bright Ideas Deck. It's so unattractive. It does have its uses though. It does good straightforward job-related readings. But it isn't fun to use.
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I was thinking I never really regretted buying a deck...

because well, for one thing, I rarely buy them (being broke most of the time, and people always seem to give me decks...which I love!)

For another thing...I usually find good homes for them by giving or selling them away! WIN WIN for everyone!

However...I can think back to a time when I had a little extra cash, and went to a Border's and bought two decks that I had wanted at that moment.

And in less than five minutes of taking them out of the packaging...I KNEW there was no way I could ever EVER read with those two!

Both decks were hideous (in different ways) an affront to tarot in general...and made me want to scream.

Which was extra disappointing simply because I rarely get to buy one off the shelf.

What were they?

Crow's Magick (yuck)
and the Tarot of Revelations (double yuck!)
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Originally Posted by Golden Moon
Like evelon, who made the thread "Decks You Wish You Hadn't Sold?", I decided to open this one and see what people have to say.
None. I can't think of a single one. Emmsma cited the Deviant Moon - I bought it and was dismayed by it - but it now lives with the daughter of a friend of mine, who loves it dearly. It's very much a kids' deck, I think. And I don't regret buying it a bit - it has found a warm, loving home with her!

Nope, can't think of a single one I regret buying.
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I was most disappointed by the Animals Divine and the Feng Shui Tarot.
I was really hoping for a nice animal deck and that one fell a bit short.
The cards were really big if I remember correctly
The Feng Shui deck looked really pretty with the colors and the
different animals with each suit but it was too much to learn all about
Feng Shui just to be able to use the deck. They were good ideas
but just not too functional for me.
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Startlingly, Tarot of the Celtic Fairies. Got the kit and everything. Celtic ancestry churning in anticipation. Had used the Bright Idea Deck successfully. Great expectations, and... nothing. Flatline. Cards are very busy, skinny, colors too saturated, characters seriously 2D and non-resonating. I shall have to trade or sell this one away.
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