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I've fallen for this deck...

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Thanks very much Moongold that has really helped me understand it better. He does look very corrupted. I hope we continue looking at individual cards as the study group threads i have read already have been really enlightening. Fluff
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My Fey arrived in this morning's mail and I am thrilled!!
I agree with Noby I think it was - starting with an amazement with "the Fool" and saying oh wow every few minutes as I went throught the cards but did not study each and every one. Wow! Now I see what all the fuss has been about.

The Devil card reminded me of a creature in the movie "Labyrinth" ...

So now I wish to join in on the study group and will go through some of the older threads here as I get a chance. I see we are going to be reviving some previous thoughts about these amazing little creatures!!

(Hi again, Fluffy!)

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Hi Skydancer! Good to see another Fey convert! And I can't wait to hear your contributions to the study group!

I think, compared to the other cards in the deck, the Devil is a major contrast. I don't see something overly terrifying about him, but I do see that the card and the 'Fey' itself uses more earthy colours - primarily brown. And if you look into his eyes, you can see a slight reddish tinge to them. He seems to be a creature of instict - not as idealistic as many of the other cards. For me I think he represents a fatal flaw of humanity - consumption, greed, gluttony, and the consequences it can have to our environment. When all of the green trees are gone, what is left but a big brown monster?

I think Moongold's description is probably a very accurate one.

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Hi skydancer so glad that your fey have now arrived and you are happy with them. Mine just came to me at christmas and all my other decks have been put away now as I only want to use my fey (they are such a happy bunch and look very cheery to me). Could we start a new thread and discuss a new card as I notice that there are a few newbies to the fey group and would myself like some other insights to the cards. Has anyone got any ideas about posting a new thread for a new study?

Love fluffy
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Fey study group-

Feel free to start a thread about any card that you like- we have a few different threads that follow some sort of format and some that don't.

I started doing cards in sets;
This thread here is a table of contents-

Three different approaches to the same group of cards.
1)numbers - how the card expresses it's designated number and what it relates to.

2) Elements- what element dominates the card and does it follow the traditional element of the suit- how does it reflect the cards meaning.
Enviroment & culture- how does the surroundings & characters bring forth the meaning of the card. What might be thier traditions that express the energies of the card.

3) FEY vs RWS
compare the images to RW images of tarot.
- how does the Fey image reflect the image of the typical RW decks- If they don't, then what Fey symbols bring forth the meaning of the RW image;
parallels & differences
Also compare the Fey themselves- how does this group of cards compare to each-other?
What things do they have in common, what seems out of place?

You can choose a set and one or all three of the studies if you like- I was doing them in order- but it does not have to be.
You can pick a new approach.
There are also other fun side project threads, like naming them, what they are saying to each other...etc.

but with that I'm going to go list the rest of the sets for reference.
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I laid out my first spread with the Fey last night, and it was very lucid, accurate, and direct. I love these cards, and find I take them out to study them quite often. The imaginative world of the Fey is a delight to the mind, not only because it is a fun source of imaginative exploration, but because it sheds so much insight upon our own world as well.

For example, Death came up in my spread (I did a Celtic Cross, and it showed up in the 'Obstacle / What Crosses You' position). The surrounded chess figure really strongly got out the message: it is time to surrender, time to give up the old self and ways of being you are used to. There is no way out but to surrender and give up that old self.

I love the suit of Wands as growing plants. It really helps communicate that Fire is an element that points to process, growth, and aliveness.

I'm currently adjusting to being back at college after a year off, but as I do get adjusted and get better about managing my time, I look forward to participating in discussions here and sharing more of my thoughts about the cards.
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Originally Posted by Laelyan
I have found myself pulling a card out of this deck everyday and writing down my initial reflections on it in a small notebook that I carry around with me - even during the day, I might think of a question I have about the card or about the deck in general and can write it down and look into it later.
I think this is a great idea, not just for this deck, but for any deck, and I might take it up for another deck I am currently studying.

As for the Fey, I don't own it yet, alas, but I am sure it will be one of my next purchaces. Every time I look at the images online, I become more intregued. I will of course join the study group as soon as I get around to purchacing this deck.
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Chubby Mummy 

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Hiya everyone!!!

Ive also been "searching" for a new deck, got the faeries oracle (which is absolutely amazing, btw!!) then thought to myself, oh why not get the Fey tarot too see if thats as amazing!!...and my...its so much more beautiful than I ever imagined it would be...Im just gonna jump in my bath now and read the book and then try out a little reading for myself with this heavenly deck...

pure bliss!!

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New fey friend


Hi so glad you have got your Fey - they are just great, they will become like friends. Let us have your views on any card or use the threads that lunalafey provided above and we can continue with the study group.

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I bought they fey almost a year ago when brouwsing on the net.
But on Aeclectic Tarot it seems every one who got the deck has a book that came with this deck.
I wanted to say I didn't, but don't mis it.
The pictures are so overwhelmingly clear to me I made my own to go with my deck.

I don't want to sound arogant in any way on this.
It's not my intention.
Every one who did get the book is very lucky IMHO.

I just wanted to say, making a connection with the fey tarot seems to be very easy even though it's one of the view deck that isn't related to the RWS.
Do more of you feel so?
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