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Decks You Wish You Hadn't Bought?

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LotusSong  LotusSong is offline
Join Date: 13 Jul 2009
Location: California, USA
Posts: 545

I regret buying BoS: As Above. It's not a bad deck, it just doesn't make me jump for joy and I could have spent that money on buying something that would. I didn't notice how much the deck just did not thrill me until I got my hands on something that did. It's readable, but... why settle for just readable when there are so many other decks out there? :/

I also kind of regret buying my Lost Tarot of Nostradamus, because it is hands down the worst cardstock I've ever touched. It's like punched-out cardboard. And the history in the companion book is so BAD, and the authors try so hard to fit RWS meanings onto every card! Not to mention that handling the cards or the companion book make me feel sick to the point that I haven't even done a single reading with it. I will make sure I never buy anything from that publisher again!
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Carla's Avatar
Carla  Carla is offline
Join Date: 13 Dec 2009
Posts: 7,047

BoS Above. I sold it on at a loss. I tried very hard to like it, and I did like aspects of it, but I hated the art work and the dark DARK coloring, and when I realised I would never use it as a working deck, I just got rid of it.

Sacred Sites. I will never, ever use this deck, and I don't even like the art. I bought this during the brief gushing that went on over it. I can't even get rid of it; I have tried!

Art of Life Tarot. While I actually like it, I wish I hadn't spent 12 on it. It's not earning its keep.
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Bhavana  Bhavana is offline
Join Date: 20 Feb 2007
Location: northeastern USA
Posts: 3,304

Recent regrets:

Ghosts and Spirits

I dislike both for the same reasons - too much similar colors on each card, and so much blurry detail that I just can't be bothered to work it all out..
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shadowdancer's Avatar
shadowdancer  shadowdancer is offline
Join Date: 31 Oct 2004
Location: Christchurch NZ
Posts: 4,850

I guess the main one for me is the Kings Journey Deck. Won't go into the full story, but I paid a lot of money for something I believed was going be the only edition for some time to come.
Within 5 days of receiving it, a cheaper version was available - the edition I would have chosen if the choice had been made clear at the time of launch. Yep, if I could turn the clock back, I would have saved $97 - a considerable amount.
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Myrrha's Avatar
Myrrha  Myrrha is offline
Join Date: 23 Sep 2002
Location: Massachusetts
Posts: 3,652

Originally Posted by desertrat View Post
I'm adding the Lost Tarot of Nostradamus to my list of deck I wish I hadn't purchased. I didn't care for the artwork, I thought the images were too small and didn't correspond to the divinatory meanings. And it seemed like there were A LOT of cards with popes on them. Not that I have anything against popes - I usually like all things Catholicky (except church doctrine), but why so many? Anyhoo...I know many people were/are quite taken with this deck, so I feel rather like a failure.
It wasn't really meant to be a tarot deck. Like any deck where they take already existing art and make it into tarot there are issues. The Matthews say it was meant to be a tarot but their reason for thinking that is along the lines of "well, it was really easy for us to make a tarot out of it so it must have been preliminary sketches for a tarot". What kind of logic is that? The bad kind! Actually it was a manuscript about popes....

I like the imagery, odd little sketches. I don't necessarily use the meanings given for them though. It won't be a favorite deck and I have lost respect for the Mathews due to this. The thinking behind it is that bad.
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Ron521  Ron521 is offline
Join Date: 05 Dec 2012
Location: Colorado, USA
Posts: 67

Art Nouveau, Gendron, Connolly, and Secret Tarot...all have very pretty artwork, but I just cannot connect with them.
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Tarot dance  Tarot dance is offline
Join Date: 20 Oct 2012
Location: New Jersey, United States
Posts: 2,619
Tarot dance 

Mine is the Pathfinder, the Neuzeit, The Hobbit and Barnes & Noble Tarot Basics....I can't connect with any of them.........
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revivifyingraine's Avatar
revivifyingraine  revivifyingraine is offline
Join Date: 11 Jan 2012
Location: NY, US
Posts: 21

Tarot of the Trance. And African Tarot. Both look like little kid drawings...I may try to work with my Trance deck but the African Tarot...can't work with at all...too cutesy..
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Rhiamon's Avatar
Rhiamon  Rhiamon is offline
Addicted to Decks of All Kinds
Join Date: 19 Sep 2004
Location: In the North, USA
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I didnt like Deviant Moon.....too creepy for me
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Cenz's Avatar
Cenz  Cenz is offline
Join Date: 07 Mar 2008
Location: Indonesia
Posts: 256

Aquarian Tarot, they appear to me as bunch of cold emotionless people...
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