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Join Date: 10 Aug 2004
Location: New Hampshire, USA
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Taking the Golden to Breakfast

I've been taking my new Golden deck out to breakfast at the local "Cafe on the Oval" and enjoying it slowly, card by card. I've been making journal entries on a few cards each morning. Inevitably, people stop and comment on the beautiful cards. I've met several people who read or who used to read, and they all love the cards. One waitress refills my cup each morning with great enthusiasm -- I think so she can see what the next card will be!

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Join Date: 09 Sep 2004
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I just recently got this deck for my birthday, and I absolutely love it! I can't believe it has escaped my attention for so long! Unfortunately, I haven't really had the time to sit down with it yet and enjoy it's beauty at length, but hopefully one of these days I can make some time for it.

I love the gilded edges too, but Im already worrying about ruining them through shuffling and handling.
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BTW...have my second copy...

with my Sienese history painting books. A nice, comforting classic to compare with other decks when I am playing. Yes, I do read with other decks for various interests, but it's nice to have a Sienese corner on my grandfather-made deck with books that I adore and comfort deck. It sits near my favorite Visconti...

BTW, I saw the Golden Tarot in a pretty 'new age' products catalog on the cover...among the other feel-good, girly or other bits, it added a real touch of class to the offerings near Ren-Faire products.


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Books by deck's creator and artist

Originally Posted by darwinia
My favourite decks all have books and I'm very keen on getting all the artist's information and references to each card. Particularly with this kind of deck which is packed with artists that are not as well known generally. Great, now I'm even keener!
I totally agree. Whenever I add a deck to my collection I try to get the companion book. I'm thrilled when the companion book is by the deck's creator and artist. I always wonder what the thought process was in designing the cards.

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HearthCricket  HearthCricket is offline
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Got my Golden Deck today. Oh, wow! Loving it! Cute box with the little book, too, though I think I would have liked a bigger book. The deck is just gorgeous, with such lovely artwork. And I love the gilded edges! Perfect deck for anyone who loves historical decks, too. This is definitely on my top 3 favourites list! I can't wait to read from it!
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Join Date: 12 Aug 2002
Location: Western Australia
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Golden Tarot purchasing in Australia

I was in an Angus & Robertson bookshop yesterday and asked their current price for Golden. They told me AU $28 plus $4 postage - which is about half the RRP here in Australia, and cheaper than I can land them here buying direct from US Games! You still have to order it in, takes about 2 weeks, but is much cheaper than any other way of getting a copy in Australia. At least, until they realise they've made a mistake with the price

Anyway, the news is a bit late if you wanted to buy a copy for Xmas, but could be helpful to any potential Aussie buyers looking to include a copy in their collection but who have been put off by the price here.
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formerly similia
Join Date: 11 Dec 2004
Location: Aussie boy, born and bred
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Oh no! I paid twice that at my local new-age store. (Of course, I'd have paid more than that anyway, but still!) I did get Angus & Robertson to order in a tarot book for me and that was also 1/2 the price I saw elsewhere. Crazy stuff.

Of course I have been thinking I should get a second golden deck, to keep one safe from harm....
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Join Date: 22 Sep 2003
Location: Nijmegen, the netherlands
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I'm feeling sad. I wanted to order this deck from (a very nice Belgian site) but now they mailed me and said they couldn't get it anymore... How am I ever going to get this deck at that affordable price it was going on for on that site? It's too expensive to order from amazon, I guess...
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European sources for the Golden and have it listed for 22 euros. has it listed for 20 euros. has it listed for 12 pounds, which is 17,40 euros. Shipping will be more, however, coming from Great Britain.
Alida is the most expensive at 24 euros.

Seneris, I feel your pain. It does bother me how much things cost here in Europe, when they are so inexpensive in the US. I paid $16 for the Golden over the holidays from in the US, and domestic shipping was basically free, as I was buying other items, too. The new LS mini decks cost over 12 euros here (about $16 US) but I see them available (in April) in the US for $7 (5,40 euros). So frustrating!!!!

That said, the Golden is totally worth the European cost!
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Originally Posted by retrokat
I was in an Angus & Robertson bookshop yesterday and asked their current price for Golden. They told me AU $28 plus $4 postage - which is about half the RRP here in Australia, and cheaper than I can land them here buying direct from US Games!
I got mine from Angus & Robertson. What a bargain! I wonder why, if A & R can sell it for $28 (and still make a profit, one would assume), do Dymmocks and Borders sell it for $55? Having said that, it's definitely worth $55! It has become my primary reading deck, and everyone who's seen it thinks it is breathtaking.
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