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View Poll Results: MBTI type?
ESTP 0 0%
ESTJ 3 0.50%
ESFP 2 0.33%
ESFJ 2 0.33%
ENTP 10 1.66%
ENTJ 13 2.15%
ENFP 23 3.81%
ENFJ 21 3.48%
ISTP 11 1.82%
ISTJ 27 4.47%
ISFP 24 3.97%
ISFJ 27 4.47%
INTP 61 10.10%
INTJ 96 15.89%
INFP 123 20.36%
INFJ 161 26.66%
Voters: 604. You may not vote on this poll

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page of wands 

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I'm an INFP. I'm not surprised that a lot of us are. And I'm really not surprised about INFJ. That is like the psychic type.
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Phoenixdawn  Phoenixdawn is offline
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I really can't say I'm surprised so see so many IN__ and INF_ people here (: It's so fantastic that we have the internet here to connect with each other - I often find myself hanging out in online havens with other INFs

I put down INFJ, but I do tend to straddle the line between J and P - I've noticed that I tend towards the P when I'm burnt out and in a depressive state and I tend toward the J once I'm back to my normal, deadline loving, peacemaking self (being an INFJ is exhausting, as I'm sure many of you know!)
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I would've bet serious money that there would be a majority IN people lol!
I'm an INFP myself!!
I had a reading by astrologer Rob Hand as soon as he saw my chart he said I had the chart of a healer ☺️.
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Onaorkal  Onaorkal is offline
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Oh that's so interesting to see the results! I'm an INFJ, like 25% of the respondants here haha!

The first time I did it some 5 years ago, I was an ENTP....crazy how life can change you in a few years only! I love how INFJ really describes me though. Humanitarian and idealist...empathetic, inner conflicts...haha reading that, it also makes sense that many people with these traits get into tarot. We like to think and analyze stuff, we have questions all the time AND we like to help people!
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Originally Posted by Aerin View Post
hey! I'm in the majority for once and at the moment so hello fellow healers.

Usually I am the sole INFP


ps I tend to think of INFP as Page of Cups
When I got my Fountain Tarot and went through the guidebook I stopped at the Knight of Cups and just... Paused

Who were these people and why were they following me?! lol It was such a spot-on description of me and I'm an INFP through and through

Normally according to my astrological sign my signifier is the King of Swords but after reading the Faountain guidebook I immediately connected with the Knight of Cups and now use it as my signifier on the rare occasion I use one

I strongly suggest you check out the description for it

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