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Psychic tarot:using your natural abilities to read the cards, content preview

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Psychic tarot:using your natural abilities to read the cards, content preview
Psychic Tarot: Using Your Natural Psychic Abilities to Read the Cards

as you can see, there isn't any information on amazon.. so I got brave and email one of the authors for a brief contents, and to my pleasant suprise, she obliged.

Psychic Tarot
Using Your Natural Psychic Abilities to Read the Cards
by Nancy Antenucci with Melanie A. Howard

There are two forms of Magic,
one in which you add water and stir,
the other in which you plant it carefully, water and let grow.
If you are willing to follow the second,
you will find this book most pleasing.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Blocks
Chapter 2 The Power of a Reading
Chapter 3 Tarot Basics
Chapter 4 The Minor Arcana: The First Family
Chapter 5 The Court Cards: The Second Family
Chapter 6 The Major Arcana: The Third Family
Chapter 7 Energy Basics
Chapter 8 Seeing the Unseen
Chapter 9 The Many Selves
Chapter 10 Trusting the Sight
Chapter 11 The Initial Image
Chapter 12 The First Principle: Grounding
Chapter 13 The Second Principle: Intent
Chapter 14 The Third Principle: Form
Chapter 15 The Fourth Principle: Synchronicity
Chapter 16 The Fifth Principle: Closure
Chapter 17 The Sixth Principle: Integration
Chapter 18 Reading Tarot with the Sight
Chapter 19 Helpful Boundaries
Chapter 20 Traits of a True Reader
Self-Study Guide
78 Card Images

pretty good contents i think,, for a 216 book, i imagine on average 8 to nine pages per chapter,, giving room not taking into account how many pages the self study guide and 78 images will take.

looking at the contents has shed much light for me, which was a book I was planning to buy and still do.

i find it interesting that it starts with blocks, without the psychic aspect of reading with the tarot,, in my beginning days i remember struggling with the concept that i could do it.

I also like she goes into the basic meanings first as I think that a inuiative should have some basic idea of the tarot.
chapter 7 to 9 seems to be a primer of building up to the chapter ten.. trusting the sight.
all the rest of it seems helpful and i am looking forward to reading the grounding and the closure chapter.

i wonder how many pages the self study guide is, and what it entails.

so looking forward to it.
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Thank you for sharing.... this looks great...

This will probably be the next book i buy..
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LOL, after reading about it.. It really does sound like a good book to have.. I went an pre-ordered it.. I mean it is a book and not a tarot deck..
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Book looks kinda cool, I'm definitely picking it up when it's released.
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Psychic Tarot

I hope you guys like it!!
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I have it on pre-order. Can't wait to get it!
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I will be getting a copy.
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Thanks - i got one for my kindle the other day that was good- will post it when i get chance. This looks good though
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Originally Posted by babycrone49
I hope you guys like it!!
I've been waiting for it for a few months.

Enjoyed your recent appearance on Beyond Worlds, too.
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Hmm this book was not on my radar, but I think it now is!
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