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Madonna in Israel

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my 2 me, madonna is lost. despite all of her fame, money, all that she has gained, deep down inside she is still that broken child who was left an orphan so to speak when her mother died. she never recovered. she has been lashing out at God, the catholic faith of her childhood, rebelling in every way she saw possible. getting, "back," at God, and her childhood faith, catholicism. mostly, by going against her strict italian-american catholic upbringing, and using sex to sell herself. i mean, c'mon, in one of her shows she is hanging on a cross on the stage? that is straight up blasphemy. sexually acting out on stage in the extreme and calling it, "art." posing nude. sex books. years ago when she was in ny before she hit it big, she was in a porn movie. yes, she has talent. she is a decent singer, has wrote some beautiful music, and is a world class dancer. she COULD have made it on those merits alone. so, why all of the above? she is damaged and broken-hearted and raging against God for the loss of her beloved mother when she was 6 years old. she had the catholic church disgusted with her and now, the rabbi's. i don't know her father, but i have seen him on interviews with madonna and he seems like a good man. i have read he is a devote italian-american catholic. i can only imagine deep in his heart the pain he must feel when he sees his daughter degrading herself on stage. to me, madonna needs help. counseling, and deep psychiatric help to deal with her issues going wayyyyyy back to her childhood. she has been through 2 broken marriages. i wonder what sean penn and guy richie had living with her? i am not condoning spousal abuse, but maybe sean penn couldn't handle her controlling ways when he beat her up. who knows? she is old now, and getting older. her days of bumping and grinding on stage, raging against the faitth of her childhood, her upbringing, using sex to sell herself will soon come to an end. its just the laws of nature. what about when her children see that sex book she did and maybe find out about the porn she made years ago in new york, and see all of her videos? i mean ALL of it? what will they really think? madonna needs help, to help her cope with the issues she has around the loss of her mother. it maybe difficult for her to seek real help because she seems to be a bit of a narcissistic control-freak. if this is imbedded in her personality, then there may not be help for her. people like that cannot accept help, because they feel they don't need it. who knows? she is seeking, but she cannot find. thats all i see.
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Dancing Bear 

Maybe her children will just forgive her if they see it as offensive and love her just the same because she is their Mum..
we all lose our way at times and some for years.. it doesnt make many of us bad people Just lost.
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