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Victoria Regina - 4 of Coins

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Four of Coins Victoria Regina

A Japanese warrior sits in a calm, meditative pose. He holds sword which is sheathed but appears ready for action. Behind the Warrior are four huge clocks, they each read about two minutes to three

The companion book for the Victoria Regina contains some of the finest writing Ive come across. I have learned many new insights already.

The Four of Coins, from my understanding, is a card about "holding back", being "miserly" in one way or another. Yet the companion for this deck mentions nothing about this. Instead, the card is interpreted as meaning a situation that has become more "Stable". You are more "Confident" now and have become more "Grounded". Also, hard work and preparing background work on a project, and taking care of our physical needs

There is no mention of the usual meanings. I find this strange, and confusing
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This man certainly does seem quite centered, quite balanced, and quite stable. He seems to float in the air between the clocks, as if time is standing still.

I'm interested in the items in his hands. The book says it's a sheathed sword, but the two items hanging from his right hand remind me of nunchacku (nunchucks). Not sure what that would imply.

Like Herzog, I don't see miserliness in this card. But I've read in some places that fours are about stability, and this card certainly does seem to have that. A quiet calm of an expert warrior. Someone steeped in the traditions of his people, who knows his place in the world, and knows his competence with his weapon(s). Perhaps the timepieces say that this is a time for meditation, for quiet study, for sitting with one's expertise and knowledge and wisdom. A time for grounding in the basics of what makes us what and who we are.
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Yeah, this card isn't about a miserly person. Over here, we make a reference to a well known character who was really close to his money. But I don't see that in the card. This character seems very at ease with time, as if he could put time on his side. Things done when it's done.
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