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Archeon - 7 of Swords

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Archeon - 7 of Swords

This card shows a raven infront of a full moon holding a bright round object by a chain in it's mouth. The moon has four swords stuck in it or behind it and there are three in the ground. Magpies and ravens cannot resist bright things and this one is no exception. The item appears to be a gold pocket watch it is gleming brightly against the blues shades of the rest of this card. Stealing a watch can have the deeper symbolism of stealing time off someone. Wasting it on silly things. Time is precious as it can never be replaced so it goes with the other intangibles of precious things in life like love and true friendship. This card reminds me of the crow in the movie The Crow it was smart and it was also the source of power yet the power was still stolen from it in the end.
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I didn't thought of a watch on a chain. I thought it was the sun on a chain!
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Originally Posted by annik
I didn't thought of a watch on a chain. I thought it was the sun on a chain!
It is indeed the sun... there's a native american myth about Raven stealing the sun and the moon, which was my inspiration for this card
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The swords look as though they are piercing the moon; this suggests the need for vigilance and a wary mind. And because the moon represents illusions and that which is unknown, the idea of piercing through that which is unknown or shadowed is necessary for safety.

Furthermore, Crows or Ravens many times represent bad tidings, which the seven of swords has a tendancy to represent.

Go Lantz!

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We mustn't forget that this card often has the meaning of the use of cunning, which a bird having stolen a watch must have in no small measure.
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