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XI Justice--Archeon Tarot

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Post XI Justice--Archeon Tarot

Lantz has played it safe with this one--for the most part--by incorporating the traditional elements: blindfolded woman (Lady Justice), scales, and sword.

Lady Justice: she's obviously a young woman, but beyond that who can tell. Her blindfold looks more like a missing part of her face; it seems as though she's MISSING her eyes, rather than just blindfolded.

Scales: they're tipped, and they're also in the foreground which gives them great importance in this card. They're pitch black: no variation in color or value. Perhaps the solid color indicates a solid, blank-and-white view, which is very indicative of many justice systems.

Sword: It's facing downward: could indicate mercy.

BULLET HOLES: in the background, Lantz incorporated splotches that look very much like bullet holes. They may be splotches of paint, but they seem more like bullet holes IMO. This may indicate the NEED for justice. It could also indicate someone being treated unjustly (like, well, getting shot).

The BLUE & WHITE color scheme gives a somber, withdrawn feel to Justice. Is Lantz trying to say that justice is emotionally empty? Are we to view justice as something sad or withdrawn? Maybe he just liked the blue colors; I know I do.


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As I looked at the card for a first impression, I got the impression that it could give a verdict at any time, under any condition.

I think this card is extremely well done Justice.
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The Blue colourings makes the justice cold to me...
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The lack of eyes could indicate that Justice is unbiased and treats all the same; or it could mean undiscriminating in the sense of not taking account of the circumstances. The LWB imples the latter more negative aspect: "she is impartial swift and unyielding."
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