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Lo Scarebeo 'Ancient Tarot of Belogna'

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Little Baron 
Lo Scarebeo 'Ancient Tarot of Belogna'

Does anybody use this deck?

Was looking for a new deck to look through and wondered if anyone had good results from this.

Don't like the greeny borders which sometimes crop the writing, but do like the naive drawing style and the faces are quite interesting.

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'Ancient Tarot of Bologna'

well i have the deck and yes i like it it's one of those tarots that have a certain "ancient" feeling to them similar to the Marseilles.

it does not impose a strict set of rules as to what each card means but gives through it's naive and light style room to put your personal experience and knowledge of the archetypes represented by each card in the reading
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prudence  prudence is offline
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I have been wanting the Il Meneghello version for a while now, and hopefully will get it soon. I love the expressions on the faces, especially the impish grin on the Devil.

How similar are these two decks?
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I also like the somewhat whimsical quirky style and expressions on the Ancient Tarots of Bologna deck, as well as the subdued earthy color scheme (tan, blue, green).

Some of my favorite cards:
- Le Batelevr: His legs under the table are offset from his body above the table, like a refraction in water. Neat trick!
- Le Pape: There are 3 acolytes facing Le Pape, with a 4th person with their arm behind the acolyte on left. And the acolytes heads/hats look like flowers!
- La Ivstice: the scale on the right (her left) is very much lowered, indicating a verdict?
- Rove de Fortvne: I love this style of absurd Wheel, with its strange construction. If you look closely on the left, there is a head/bust that appears to be off the wheel on the ground (the monkey?). The exterior rim of the Wheel appears to have gradated markings like a ruler.
- Le Diable: Like that smiling waving devil!
- 2 of Cups: those heads look more like lions, and not fish like on other Marseilles decks.
- Valet de Deniers: now that's a tall Valet!
- Reine de Deniers: interesting almost tribal crown.
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Join Date: 18 Aug 2002
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Little Baron 

There is something really captivating about this deck and many of the detail you mention, I can relate to Strange. I really like the faces. They are a lot softer and kinder than in many Marseille decks and there is something about them that I just can't put a finger on - it is like they are faces from a dream or vision It is like they mmove or adjust when you are not looking. I am yet to use this deck for a reading of any kind. If I have any quibbles, I would say that the wand's suit is very similar throughout, but the courts and majors more than make up for that. I love the Thoth. I love my RWS. I adore my Hadar, Buddha and BBC. But looking at this deck in the last couple of days, I was thinking that if I wanted to bond with a set of characters, I think I may opt for these ones. Of course, as usual, my needs and desires with tarot change so I may feel differently next week. However, I am going to use this deck, the next time I need to do reading - just carry it about, so it is to hand and I don't have the option to pick another one.

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