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looking for deck with belief system

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If you look at the reviews for it, in the deck section, I am sure it will explain it better for you. I do not personally own this deck, yet, but it does sound like it has its own unique depth to it. Perhaps someone else here would know better than me! Good luck in your search!
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Omeada, I don't know if you would consider a mythos a "system" but if so maybe one of the Arthurian decks would interest you. I don't have one yet myself but it does seem like the decks are a way to interact with the myth/system and apply it to ones life.

Another idea would be the Enochian Tarot with art by Sallie Glassman.

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The Isha Lerner deck/Feng Shui quick note...

Isha Learner's Forest Folklore? is in African-based mythology and bright quilt-fabric style coloring from a folkloric artist, if you are interested. I held on to it, just not knowing exactly what to think...


I also checked out the Feng Shui Tarot: good intro that would go along with an intro text or interests based on Chinese qi-gong or perhaps balancing/harmonizing your energies and lifestyle with "moving chi" -suggestions.

I've an old book between Heaven and Earth (lots of different similar books from cookbooks to lifestyle enhancement have similar titles) that has similar discussion of five phase/five element basic designations--and the author combines the compass and form school of Feng Shui.

It's going to be a few months before I can get to a Feng Shui style class, so I cannot evaluate it much further than the Feng Shui Tarot book is basically agreeable to such an ideaology.


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I just had a flash of thought, Omeada. I think maybe Dreampower Tarot might be something you should look into. That deck does have a belief system that goes along with it and you can find it by doing a Google search. There's quite a bit of insight into the deck on the author's website.
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My very first deck, which I still love, the Haindl Tarot very muct fits the bill. As well, as having what I find a very beautiful "philosophy" behind it, it also includes I-Ching symbols (which I have always found to be spot on), Runes, and Hebrew letters, all of which add depth to the reading.

I love that deck,

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earth en lady 

Hello again when you mention earth religion and Shamenism have you seen the work by R J stewart he has two decks The Merlin in print and The Dreampower OOP ,both these decks are alive and very intune with the Inner Western Traditions .
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I took a daylight peek at some curious tarots...

Celestial Tarot has a Western-style belief system that looks backward--at this point I think it would be how a period occultist such as C.C. Zain might combine tarot and Greco-Roman constellation mythology. This is from modern Western astrology-I believe? No workbook yet, so only am being able to try to guess and feel bits and pieces of the background system. Good little white book, has me yearning for more.

The Iris (Arcos) Rainbow Tarot has an unusual mix of belief systems...I think there's a mix of Christian symbolism with color analysis and tarot discussion. Hard to pinpoint exactly, my Spanish is very weak and I picking out keywords and the feel of the language..

Best regards,

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Hi The Old,

oh, you're wrong about the DruidCraft - though I thought the same as you at one point. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the images. The deck was made by Druid masters in England, who have deeply imbibed their spirituality, and is full of the rich mythology of the British Isles. The makers are also Celtic shamans, by the way (a revived tradition, perforce!). I started with simply the DC book, but have gone onto read other books on Celtic mythology & shamanism - fascinating.

The Buddhist & Pythagorean I would also say are complete systems. The Pythagorean was the labor of love of an American classics professor who is also a non-celtic pagan - that is, he believes in the spiritual teaching of Pythagoras & the great spiritual masters of the Levantine & Greek antiquity. The Buddhist is Robert Place's deck, and like every one of his decks, very carefully made & researched. The book comes separately.

If you are interested in the Earth & in shamanism, then I would consider investing in a beautiful Ironwing tarot. The maker is a blacksmith on a shamanic path, and she has drawn from ancient blacksmith shamanic traditions & the visions in her trances to make the tarot. It is also a very coherent system & well explained. I love that deck, I find it gets richer every time I look through it.

(btw - I love the Voodoo too).
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Wowo ironwing is verry beautifull, i'm really considering buying it !!!
the symbolism is stunting, I love it
by the way thanks everybody, i wasn't expecting so many beautifull answers, Bless you all!!!

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I am not sure about tarot, but there are some oracle decks that relate to different paths:

The Druid Animal Oracle - Druidry
The Celtic Shaman's Pack - Celtic Shamanism
The Greenwood Tarot - Celtic paganism

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