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World Spirit - 10 of Wands

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World Spirit - 10 of Wands

Everything has got on top of this guy and from the look of the image, quite literally too.

In the foreground of the card we see a man cowering beneath 10 wands. In the distance we can see a house (presumably the guy's destination) and a beautiful sunrise, or is that a sunset?

Usually this card depicts a man carrying 10 Wands. He's loaded down with his burden but he's still managing to carry the wands.
In this card the guy has completely given up. The burden was too much and he looks as if he's hiding behind (or underneath) his responsibilities.

Tens relate to The Wheel of Fortune and so are cards of change. Here we see the end of one cycle and the start of then next but building on what has already gone before. The sunrise or sunset in the distance shows this: Things may be on top of you now but with a little bit of adjustment, you should be able to change things for the better.

I've included images from the International Icon Tarot which is a simplified version of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot and from the Heron Conver Tarot de Marseille.

I think that the Conver TdM image shows a feeling of saftety that I often get from this card and that the World Spirit card seems to portray too.
The TdM card looks so solid and safe, almost like a basket whilst the guy in the World Spirit card looks as if he's trying to find a place of safety amid all that he has to do and he's found it by hiding under all those wands.
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I have had the ten of wands come up last month quite a bit. Yes, I do feel overburdened, but that is because I am moving home, so sometimes this can be a literal thing of carrying your effects on your back and moving to a new place.

That new home in the distance on the Raider Waite is in the not too far off distance, the man is walking ahead and you can see the sole of one of his feet moving forwards. This to me is a card of things coming to an end, the homeward journey; the journey's end. The last push is in sight.

This got me thinking at the weekend. I am clearing out my flower pits ready for the move, disposing of the soil and compost in them to start afresh at my new home. One of my biggest pots had a bamboo in it and it had become pot bound. I dreaded the thought of having to rip it out because I knew it was going to be a nightmare job, so I started off slowly digging it all out and cutting through the pot-bound system. It took me over half an hour to get through to the final push.

Then when that final last quarter came into sight I drew up the strength to finally get it out once and for all. I did finally clear the pot, but that final push was worth the while because I mustered up extra reserves to clear it. hen it was empty it felt really good and that I had achieved the aim that I set out to do.

To me the bamboo situation fits the 10 of wands. Sometimes it is an actual journey of clearing things out and moving on and moving away. Being a 10 it means the journey is over and completion is in sight at last, final reserves of strength are needed for that last and final push for victory to be achieved. If you look at all the 10 cards, with the exception of the 10 of swords, they are all really good. It means things coming to fruition, things ending and so the begining with the Aces starts the journey all over again. The World card and Fool do this perfectly in the major arcana so why not with the minors?

The house in the not far off distance and the moving feet tells you what you need to know - the last bit and you are nearly there, the end is in sight at last and when you reach destination end you can lay downs those wands and just sit and relax for a bit!!
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