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SWWF ~ Healing Work Group ~ The Rarr ~ Kahlie & goldnchyl & Jewel

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Join Date: 25 Oct 2001
Location: Somewhere in the Sea
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Originally Posted by Kahlie
I've noticed the tremendous help and response I've gotten from others. I've just opened my mailbox and several highly placed websites (Page Rank if it says something to you) told me that they are willing to link to me!
Congratulations Kahlie!!!! Ascendance ....
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Gald to hear you were not hurt, but that it made you a little hot under the collar was not lost on me per this particular statement:
Originally Posted by goldnchyl
In case you're wondering, Jewel, it was I who posted the insight on water work.
I know that we cannot decipher tones in posts, but since you quoted me, and were talking about how people have not given you credit in the past, it was obvious that I was an example of what happens. The added quote did feel a bit like a barb to me, as your point on who advised the water was made from the quote you took from my post to use as an example. In turn that made me feel like the proverbial straw that broke the camels back, and yes made me feel like a heel.

Again, no biggie, and no need to beat a dead horse. Its all good, and I love ya! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to right a wrong and to communicate openly with you. If people did this more often we would have a lot less problems in the world.
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I'm sorry I wasn't there for the ending of our little group. I've had my birthday and subsequent visiting of friends who couldn't make it to the party. So I've been too busy.

First of all:

I feel I've learnt a lot in this group, moved past a few of my blocks, got back into the flow for things that are important to me and I really feel doing it together has helped.

I found we had a very loving group energy and were able to be enthusiastic for each others successes. I really loved that, as well that unlike other parts of the forum, people just honestly talked about stuff that was bothering them without moving into insults or other shit.

Jewel, I'm so glad that you managed now to shield well and I know it will gain you a lot more energy and happiness as it won't drain away no more. You will sparkle even more then you already did =)

Goldnchyl, I'm grateful that you have the courage to speak about personal things you did, and I'm proud you moved out of an abusive relationship and moving towards making your world right. You know where to find me if you want to talk, feel free to PM me. =)

I've said goodbye to this group on an energy level, giving both of you a very nice warm hug. I also said goodbye for now to the Rarr! =)

I asked for an evaluation of SWWF and I would be grateful if you guys could take the time to vote!
It's at

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Join Date: 25 Oct 2001
Location: Somewhere in the Sea
Posts: 6,164

Happy belated b-day Kahlie!!! ~hugs and tosses confetti all over Kahlie~

I have been crazy busy here at work, but I also wanted to express my appreciation to this group and thank you both for all you have tought me during these two weeks.

I love the honesty with which we were able to speak, I love the support that was heartfelt, and I love the fact that you guys helped me get real shields ~giggles~. I think the three of us have grown quite a bit with the help of the Rarr, in a very short span of time. I hope to get to work with you ladies again in another group. I will probably not engange in another group for a month or two when things get back to normal here at work.

By the way .... I have now also made contact with the other tree in my back yard - the one by the hot tub where I shield ... she is odd *LOL*. Arbolon is not doing to well, but he really does seem to enjoy the music I play for him and my company. Once I am confident with this shielding thing I might come asking you both for some help on energy sharing *LOL*.

By the way ... to both you, I am also just a PM away if you guys ever want to talk. And again, thank you both for everything! (one for each of you)
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Happy Earth Day, Kahlie!

It's funny how easy it can be to support one another. It really is as simple as a holding loving thoughts. How beautiful is it to be able to feel another person's joy (and sadness) as your own. It's great to be able to share authentically without the BS. What the heck else are we here for?

Thanks for a great group. 'Just a PM away, too! See ya around the forum!
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Guiding Cauldron 
bless xx

u all have grown immensly and should be very proud at your accomplishments!! much love....
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