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Gilded Nine of Wands

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Gilded Nine of Wands

What does this card say to you?

The book definition is all about taking a breather after a failure and I admit the solider does look pretty fed up on the card!

But there must be more to this card than that, after all nines are about completion.

One thought I had is that the solider has his back to the remaining 8 wands while he leans on one. To get to carrying the burden of wands in the 10 card, he must have gone back for those other 8 wands at some point.

Could this card suggesting returning to a situation you thought was lost, or hopeless rather than a failure, and giving it one last crack?

I get a bit confused by this card as to me Nines in a suit are not really about failure. What are your thoughts on the Gilded Nine of Wands?
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Maybe he is taking a needed rest. Maybe he had to take that rest. For me, he seems to search or looking at something. Something seems to have attracted his attention and he is looking at it.
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Mystic Leo 

My thoughts on this nine of wands card is that he is warlike, very weary, and deep in thought, maybe regaining his strength

What is going on behind his back with those wands.......he really needs to watch his back, those dark clouds directly above do not look good!
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I was wondering the same thing. All of the other decks RWS, Crowley, and the Golden Dawn show this card as Strength. That you have the strength to continue the battle, don't give up. But the way the Gilded shows it is that he is afraid of something in the past and refuses to go on....
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Nine Wands

Nine's can represent struggles, self-evaluation, final completion and ultimate goals, it is the number that brings completion and what is experienced when the origianl thought or idea began in the Ace manifests into the 9 - so the old saying reap what you sow comes to mind.

The Gilded Tarot Nine of Wands leans towards self-evaluation, its a card that asks if the battle is worth it, is it worth carrying on, or should you bring it to an end? It suggests that some reflection is needed in order to make the next move to the 10 where we have the chance to begin something new all over again.
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