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Gilded Tarot: 10 of Pentacles

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Gilded Tarot: 10 of Pentacles

I am not getting the 10 of Pentacles.

Well, what I mean is I get it in the sense of money and wealth etc, but I am not getting how the picture of the treasure chest can translate into other types of readings, such as emotional, spiritual, how someone would see you etc. Other decks have people on this 10, but the Gilded has none.

The chest is overflowing, so full that pentacles are falling out onto the floor. This to some would be careless. Or could it be a trust thing, as in you are the unlocked and open chest?

And is that a rat perched on the side of it or a friendly little mouse?

I sometimes find the Gilded pentacles hard to read for anything else, because the pictures do seem really wealth inspired, if you know what I mean.

I'd love some notes for this 10, if anyone has studied it.
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When I look at the Gilded Ten of Pentacles, I see, of course, the gleaming coins
which indicate to me the solid kind of wealth that one might earn or acquire
and keep in a chest like the one pictured. The suns on the chest indicate to me
that this is a good type of wealth or resource--one accumulated with the impetus of
the animus firmly behind someone. The mouse reminds me of a pack rat, which
suggests this is the type of wealth or resource that one keeps and is able to
hand down to future generations, and the turtle, being the slow mover--with his
home on his back--suggests the longevity of this resource. Slow to come, perhaps,
but also slow to recede. In other words, once this resource is within one's grasp,
it is there for the longhaul.

I see the legacy associated with the Ten of Pentacles in this card (although it
could be that I have made previous associations with this Ten and am merely
translating them to this particular card.)

Still, the Ten of Pentacles, to me suggests a legacy in the area of actual health,
wealth or physical stability of some sort. You earn a higher degree in education,
and it remains with you for life - no one can take that away from you. Or, you write
a book or paint a painting, and it is there for posterity. This is the sort of
legacy this Ten suggests. Firm, stable, like the bonds of one's family heritage.
It's in your genes, so to speak...there for you to hold up and look at.

And, noticing all the greenery around the chest suggests the earthiness of this
card (and pentacles), as well. You plant a tree, and it continues to grow long
after you depart this plane.

When I get this card, my first keyword is legacy. I usually think about what someone
has done that will live on after he is gone.
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Lightbulb 10 of Petacles

I have noticed that when this card turns up in my readings of say.. a relationship spread, I take into consideration that the querent in the reading is shown to have something to either offer or teach the other(s) in said relationship.

Also I see that in a way its treasure takes the shape of closure. Or perhaps this card could relate to oral tradition, or even some form of comfort or wisdom shared between individuals.

Perhaps when this card represents what you (the lone reader) bring into your relationship with another, it is that the thing you bring, is an example for them to see and ponder a little?

On the other hand, the card my be telling you of something you need that will be passed on to you...?

The mouse to me is the one offering the wealth of resources; be it money, wisdom, knowledge, a new and valuable contact, or whatever else you the reader or querent view as a resource. Try to picture yourself on the other side of this chest: calm, peaceful, there to led something needed...Now take another look at the card as the receiver: the mouse is not between you and the chest, he is behind it...

The turtle to me represents the passer-by that just plain doesn't see the thing offered. He's headed down a set path, and is focused on that path. His focus has caused him to be somewhat blind to the offer...or does he see it? This turtle also could be taken as a type of warning to take heed to the things offered you; if you don't, are you at a loss...? This aspect of the turtle might well be taken as a RX connection perhaps...?

Hope this helps at least a little!


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