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"Egyptian"-Etteilla-based keyword decks

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"Egyptian"-Etteilla-based keyword decks

So far, with Etteilla numbering and similarity in keywords or scenic meaning...

The numbering or keyword phrases after 22 (with differing orders in the majors) goes generally from 23-78 and usually has King of Wands/Batons to Ace; King of Cups/Hearts to Ace; King of Swords/Spades to Ace; King of Pentacles/Diamonds to Ace


1890 Lismon Etteilla --exception noted --(Ace of Wands means Fall in upright meaning / Birth in reversed meaning)

1900 Grand Ettella (Grimaud & Frances Cartes) (First time the Ace of Wands is 'corrected' to be Birth in upright meaning and Fall in reversed meaning)

1948 - 1955 Modiano 184 (using Dr. Marius' instructions and the 1955 thru 2000 Editions with the Etteilla numbering added. Even the 1948 version without the Etteilla numbering in the minors follow this ordering in the booklet listings and similar or same keywords.

(Lists and discussion of this in this thread:

Post in this thread with my document with Italian keywords (upright meaning)

1981 Cagliostro

...Will list various Jeu des Dames later....I have two Spanish ones, one Dal French one...this would be for keywords that are similar to the Etteilla meanings/keywords noted on the 1890 Lismon and 1900 Grand Etteilla.
The suits on some modern reprints in the Spanish language Jeu des Dames are *NOT* the same as the circa 1918-31 Occult Dictionary (we sometimes say "Eudes Picard" or the Modiano 184's assignments from the 1950's Dr Marius pamphlet where there is a "Swords as Water/Cups as Air" assignment (Dr. Marius has under his explanation of Italian Tarots).

...Will list Italian cartomanzias with similar Etteilla minor keywords...

1984 Egicipios Kier

The numbering and meanings from 23 to 78 loosely parallels the minors of Etteilla decks...will have to explore and start another thread or do keyword comparisons later in a list...

note: when I mean loosely parallels, for instance King of Wands might be 'gentleman from the country' and the Egicipios Kier or the "Tarot and Kabbalah" book might say "Farmer"....Queen of Swords might have a negative generic meaning in terms of communication and the Kier/Tarot and the Kabbalah might loosely translated have some similar seems the numbering from 23 to 78 follows the Etteilla numbering/keyword/generalized meaning structure, even if there are not pips in this deck.

Incidently, the majors of the Egicipios Kier is similar to the Egyptian deck from the Church of Light. My Egicipios version is the English language version from U.S. Games circa 1984 and the book

"Tarot & the Kabbalah" by Samael Aun Weor, ISBN 978-1-934206-37-9. The Appendix "The Predictive Tarot" lists minors 23-78 of a deck similar if not the same as the Egicipios Kier.. You can compare Etteilla keywords by also checking through various websites such as SuperTarot or J. Revak's Villa Revak... or by an online or your own copy of A.E. Waites' Key to the Tarot....I will try to list the keywords from cards 23-78 later if someone else doesn't

I am certain I am missing on this rough draft a list some other deck.. but only have a few minutes lately to compare different "Egyptian" decks with Etteilla numbering that seems traceable back to using Etteilla keywords.

More later!

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there is also the modern Etteilla remake "Tarocco di Garbarino"
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La-luna, that deck is absolutely gorgeous!

Cerulean, sorry that I can't be of more help; this subject fascinates me as well, but it seems you are way ahead of me in your research. The only thing I can add is that modern (post 1981) English language decks published by US Games have modified keywords designed to jive more closely with RWS meanings (for instance, one of the keywords for the 6 of coins is 'gifts').
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sporadic magic

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I have some older decks with handwritten keywords. I'll see if there are any correspondences.
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