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"Dishonored" video-game tie-in deck

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Originally Posted by azraelmorphyne View Post
I did run into the hermit.
He makes your weapons, and hits on your female allies.
...Oh my god. That creates a whole new perspective of the Hermit for me.

So other than the deck being 78 cards are the minors scenic or non-scenic?
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student of tarot

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It's a pip deck. Look at the second attachment in post 2.
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the minors are treated as a set of playing cards.... the deck even comes with face cards (king, queen, ", "commoner", and jack)
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While I haven't really sat down with the majors except to browse through them (planning to do associations with them today), I have to agree with the suit associations previously mentioned, and I thought I might mention something else I thought was kind of interesting.

I saw the suits, and couldn't help but associate them with the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, since y'know, the game's sort of nihilistic and such.

Rats- Privation and Pestilence, Spades and Poverty
Swords- Fate and Famine, Diamonds and Aristocracy
Guns- Power and War, Clubs and Military
Skulls- Mystery and Death, Hearts and Magic

I thought the suit associations were sort of apt, considering. I also think the minor suits are less similar to the Tarot, and more to old-school cartomancy (as you'll note from the associations I gave).

And I'll just say- I like that the pips and courts are actually pips, and not artistic renderings. I'm not fond of pictorial pips, myself- I grew up on playing card cartomancy.
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Hey I just got into tarot because of this deck so i looked up how the deck translated to a normal tarot deck and I noticed some of the descriptions of the characters are off. so i figured id post a description of the characters on the majors and see what yall come up with for each card seeing as i have no experience with tarot

I: Judgement, the character pictured is the daughter of the late emperess and your goal throughout the game is to overturn the false gov set up and place her on the throne while ensuring her safety. she is very inquisitive but naive and somewhat scarred by seeing her mother be assassinated. shes very close to the main character (the character on the death card) and feels safe around him. in the ending i got for the game she grew up to be emily the wise and was known for her fairness. however i got the good ending this might change if you chose to be an evil guy.

II: Lust, this character is the madam of the local upperclass brothel. she is ruthless and heavy handed requiring that no mistakes be made and any steps out of line are dealt with harshly, all of the girls in the brothel are scared of her.

III: the man on stilts: the character is a type of enemy known as the stilt walker, there is no non lethal way to nuetralize this enemy, the only way to take himdown is to kill him, they are given drugs that numb them to pain, but also drain away their compassion and empathy, causing them to be merciless in the punishments they mete out (this is a type of guardsman) their weapon is a compound bow with explosive arrows and the do no care about collateral damage or civilian life

IV: The Boatman, this is old samuel, a weathered old sailor who knows the seas better than most navy men, he takes you to the beginning of each mission and gives you initial guidance, and often times moral guidance. he saves your life later in the game when asked to poison you and then helps you to save emily a second time

V: The Witch, crazy old lady who has lost sense of reality, most just think shes nuts and leave her alone, you meet her and help her out occasionally, and she often knows occult secrets that you wouldnt think she'd know. in the end it turns out she an incredibly powerful witch and is the one that is causing the rat plague to decimate the city.

VI: The Weeper, a plague victim that has reached the stage of the disease in which blood pours from the eyes (thus the term weeper) and all sanity has been lost, they are almost zombie-like in movement and attacks. ive found them to be very sad as society has turned its back on them, offering no help and casting them out into abandoned areas of the city to grow sicker and eventually die from the plague.

VII: The Lady, i assume this means only the one thats targeted for assassination as the color of the costume is the same color is white (the same as your targets) however i could be wrong, especially as the sister that wears white changes every play-through. this character is one of 3 sisters that is hosting a party, each with the exact same costume, but with different colors (white, red, and blue) the one that wears white is the mistress of the lord regent and the main supporter of his among the nobles, funding him and his endeavors. each sister has a different personality (the slut, the prude, and the one searching for a certain man)

VIII: Regret: the assasin of the emperess he expresses regret only over her, stating that no man should have to kill an emperess and that he could give all the money back to undo it if he could, that no amount of money could be worth it. he also wanders why her murder bothers him so much yet no other target of his has ever gotten to him.

IX: The Urchin Prince, Leader of the biggest gang in the city, made his money rising through to leadership using his street smarts and cunning, he has his hands in several underground markets and makes a butt load on counterfit plague medication, this guy is like the classic case of the school of hard knocks.

X: The twins, twin nobles, very cruel, very corrupt, you find them in a whorehouse, i didnt deal with them much, i found a way to have the urchin prince take care of them for me by shipping them to their own mines in which they use slave like labor.

XI: The Hermit, A genius, but socially inept, tries to come on to one character repeatedly and gets shot down every time, you end up finding him spying on her in the bath.(I think this is due to his social ineptitude when dealing with people less intelligent than he, he's not snobby, he just cant figure out how to relate to a normal person) he crafts weapons and upgrades for you and ends up improving many of the artists designs. he adheres to moral guidelines in his research.

XII: The Artist, this man is another genius that has brought his entire country into the industrial age on the backs of his inventions, however nothing is above science for him, leading him to often commit to immoral testing on humans for various things. he finds enjoyment where he can and often goes whoring and partying. he wants to find "the stranger" and often tries rituals to summon him (but i dont think he wants power, i just think his thirst for understanding drives him to try to gain any knowledge he can)

XIII: Cruelty, this is the royal torturer and he has worked on you often while you were imprissoned for killing the emperess (you were framed) he is a mute and occult practitioner, he is followed everywhere by a wolfhound, and during the final missions you have the ability to fight/assassinate him if you want. you find him beating a dead body with a red hot fire poker and roaring/grunting at it like hes taking out some great hate he has towards other people.

XIV: The Governess, she is the only caretaker of emily after you rescue her and the only one that emily ends up being close with besides you, she tutors emily, feeds her, looks after her, makes sure she gets what she needs, etc, when emily is taken a second time they have to pry emily out of the governesses hands.

XV: Nobility, this man is the younger brother of the twins, and represents the lighter side to his family, the leader versus the cruel abusers, He gives you the mission to assassinate his brothers so that the world will be a better place without their mark. he eventually turns on you and is one of the 3 leaders of "the loyalists" that has you poisoned, so that they may control emily and through her, the empire.

XVI: The High Overseer, this office is the head of the state religion and this card depicts the 2 characters to hold this office during the game.the first is an extremely corrupt man, whos personal joke is to try and break every tenet of his religion at least once a day, the second is the man to replace him, he uses blackmail to gain the position and is one of the 3 leaders of "the loyalists" he is the one that turns the other two leaders on you and convinces them to kill you and seize power by manipulating emily. to me this card represents corruption.

XVII: The Drowned Man, The final leader of "The Loyalists" He is an ex admiral in the navy that got kicked out due to some scandal i never got the facts about, he is strict and to the point, minus when he double crosses you id call him an honorable man who keeps his promises. as you sneak up on him in the final mission after they re-abduct emily he is talking to himself saying "if onoly we had stuck to the plan" and "I never wanted this position, i just wanted the heir on the throne" i think he is essentially a good man that makes some bad choices.

XVIII: The Lord Regent, the ex royal spy master who orders the assassination of the emperess, the kidnapping of the heir, and the framing of you for the murder, so that he can assume power. he is a paranoid tyrant who lusts for power and squashes anyone under him. he is a coward that hides and does nothing to get his own hands dirty.

XIX: The Emperess. from the little i saw of her before she died she was a very responsible monarch that protected her subjects as best she could, even going against logical thought in order to save as many of the savable people she could. she is dearly missed by every single one of her subjects after she dies.

XX: The World. A map depicting only the islands that make up the empire, the unexplored supercontinent of pandysia is left out of the map altogether

XXI: Death, You, the ex lord protector, turned assassin to rescue emily, reclaim your name, and win back the honor that was stolen from you by the people who framed you for killing the emperess. unparallelled in combat and the most feared man in the empire.

Un-numbered: The Stranger. A timeless being that rules the void from which magic comes, he grants you power and gives you magics in return for runes that were inscribed in whale bone to honor him. he chooses to grant you power because you surprise and entertain him. no one understands what he really is and his desires are unclear. presumably because we are to him what flies are to us, a much lesser being that will die by the next time we blink.

sorry for the length, I wanted to be detailed.
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Hey people.

I came across this thread looking for divinations rules or a system/framework for the Dishonored Tarot Deck. After a Twitter conversation with Harvey Smith asking about more info or rules, the Co-Creative Director of Arkane stated:

"That's the kind of thing the community would have to do. We would pay attention to what the community devised. We'd look at it after the fact. Otherwise, too much work for already slammed people. Yeah, we'd love to see it, to give thoughts when we could, etc."

Thus, a Dishonored wikia page was created here: , subsequently promoted by Smith in a tweet:

Harvey Smith ‏@Harvey1966

"If you like #Tarot, you might dig this #steampunk alt-world community effort to design #Dishonored divination rules: "

Since a lot of the people here seem to know what they are talking about, I would really hope some of you might consider contributing to the wikia.
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The Empress in the game is what I think the actual trump would act like.

For those of you who play video games and haven't gotten around to playing this one I won't spoil anything for you but when I watched her I was checking through the Empress list and she had pretty much every trait. We'll see about the others.
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I'm an avid gamer ^_^
(btw: any-one here is on GW2?)

I will look forward to try to find a way to get the deck
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My purchase of the deck on ebay arrived today. I haven't opened it yet though, because I'm waiting on another shipment of the same deck.

I should be able to provide some scans of the images, make some note of the cardstock, etc once I get the deck to school some time this week. Free access to working scanner at campus library? Heck yes
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Since I don't know anyone yet, I am not exactly sure how my thoughts will be taken; however everyone has to start somewhere I guess...

I do like the cards, I'm in the process of getting used to working with them, it's a bit like the French game of Tarot (at least that's what I believe it was called, I was speaking to younger French men at the time so they may have got their information from others) crossed with traditional ideas of the Tarot at the same time.

I've worked with all sorts of decks from the IJJ through to DC Vertigo Tarot and all the strange and eclectic in-between over the last 20 or so years, and each time I work with the Dishonoured deck, I do feel as if I want to establish their own meanings without the game context and with it as well.

It quite literally is a paradox when you think about it, the structure in some ways follows the traditions of the Tarot (but not its history) while it also ties in with the game (in which the deck features as the Game of Nancy) but at the same time the rules are more or less thrown out the window for example Death (Usually XIII) is at the end of the deck.

Now you can argue that Death is also the beginning and the end, so it is in essence like the universe in the sense that it is in a manner of speaking completion. The Twins could as easily represent the star sign of Gemini as they could the Devil (XV) card or High Priestess (II) for the aspect of Duality (depending on surrounding cards).

It depends on your interpretation and insights, since I have yet to find time to play the game, I have not got that frame of reference to work from, but I have learnt that each set of cards has its own unique personality and quirks. Now of course it completely depends on your approach towards Tarot, some see them as just cards with standard meanings and pretty pictures while others find that a deck will speak to them.

I will be honest and say that is my approach, I do not claim any of my decks are sentient (although sometimes I wonder) but I do believe the more a deck is used, the more it develops an energy / aura about it, which in its own way is a life force. So I intend to ask my Dishonoured Deck to tell me a little bit about itself and see what happens.
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