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Join Date: 29 Sep 2002
Location: Nashville
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I'm a bit late but I'd like in - I use a RW deck thats over 20, probably over 30 years old.
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callahwj  callahwj is offline
Join Date: 20 Nov 2002
Location: New York
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I'd be interested, but I'm pretty new to this board and to tarot in general.

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Join Date: 28 Jan 2002
Location: North Bay, Ontario
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Well, we are working our way through the Majors, so jump in in!! we look forward to hearing from you.
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Join Date: 27 Jan 2003
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another late comer

I would also like to get in, and I am a newbie too. I use the Robin Wood deck, and it seems to suit me better. But I have a RWS deck and can use it to refer to. Shouldn't cause a problem, I hope.
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Join Date: 15 May 2003
Location: Florida, USA
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Study Group _ Interested

Hi There.

I see that these messages have been posted quite a while ago, but if there is still a study group, I would love to be able to join up.

I am a newbie to Tarot in the sense of actually trying the readings myself and I really want to learn as much as I can from people whom have also studied the cards.

Please let me know if I can still join up your study group.
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Verna  Verna is offline
Join Date: 14 May 2003
Location: USA
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RWS Study Group

I would like to join the RWS Study Group. I think this would be an excellent way to learn.
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Little Baron  Little Baron is offline
Join Date: 18 Aug 2002
Location: UK
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Little Baron 

Hi everybody

I have a RWS deck and would love to join you all. I have never completely delved into the symbolism of this deck and would very much like to get to know it as best as possible with the help of all of your knowlege.

Where abouts are we up to?

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Join Date: 20 Feb 2003
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Ruby Red Slippers 

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Me too.....Always omething new to learn here

Ruby Red Slippers
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silverwitchi  silverwitchi is offline
Join Date: 24 Jul 2003
Location: North Carolina
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I'd like to be include also,I really would like to
study the RW deck and the symbols.
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Little Baron  Little Baron is offline
Join Date: 18 Aug 2002
Location: UK
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Little Baron 

Hi Silverwitchi

I have posted in here previously and the threads others have started up have always been interesting. I havn't seen that much action in here recently; maybe I havn't dropped by enough.

Why not get it all going again? Start drawing a card every day or two and post your initial thoughts. Others will readily contribute I am sure and in a matter of time, you will get to learn them. I am doing that with the Phantasmagorical Theater Tarot and it helps me to post my understandings, however relevant they are to anybody else. People are interested though and we are getting a good little Phantasmagoric community going. Take a look at my posts in the General Section so you can get some ideas from my methods of doing it. Don't worry about saying the wrong thing; just go with what you think and your intuition says. Others with more experience will drop by and give suggestions and share their experiences of this wonderful deck.

Look forward to seeing your posts


**Enjoy yourself - and the cards**

**If there has been a lot going in this section guys, I appologise ... maybe I don't pop in enough**
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