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The Gothic Tarot by Vargo - Your favorite cards

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I just acquired this magnetic deck tonight (yay!) and as I was perusing it (a dark and stormy night here, how perfect is that?) I felt so impressed by the images that I'd love to share my thoughts on favorites.

My favorites are:

Strength-Not only has the woman in this image tamed the beast, but it now stands next to her as her protector, a very powerful image and a very provocative idea. If we tame the beasts within and exert power and control they will serve us well.

The Star-Love this card. It reminds me of a marble angel guarding a crypt in some place like New Orleans (where I've spent so much time, ahhh, memories). The idea of radiant blackness that is conveyed in the star itself is lovely. In darkness there is light.

The Moon-Just such graceful and cool imagery. I love the way that she acts as a tease, toying with him. A very flirtatious card.

The Sun-I think this is my absolute favorite. The couple, complete opposites, he an angel of darkness and she an angel of light, find such tenderness in each other's arms that their love eclipses the brilliance of the sun itself. The perfect blend, as it were. True love and pure happiness burn brighter than the brightest orb.

The IV of Cups-Just because I like the sad little apathetic gargoyle in the upper right corner. Many are the times that I've felt like that when there was chaos all around.

The IV of Pentacles-In my opinion a very haunting card. She has everything that she has ever wanted, yet she still seems so lonely.

VII of Pentacles-Is there a room for rent in this place?

King of Pentacles-How cool is this guy? I love him. He has a very strong and commanding presence yet still seems so laid back and comfortable within himself. He doesn't have to try to be powerful or put on airs to make people fear him he just is who he is. He exudes power yet has neither crown nor throne, and that is *true* power.

The VI of Swords-This is one cool chick! She's just lain five enemies to waste and stands upon the bones of others. She feels like she deserves a break, but she's still poised and ready for anything else that may come her way (except, perhaps, for a sudden cold snap).
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I loved this thread.

My favorite cards in this deck are

9 Pentacles there is something soft and welcoming in this image. I love the brightness and the darks in this images. My eye sees to be drawn in a circle as completion...


I love how the woman is looking up to the Angel, who seems to be looking down on her. It's really a nice card to meditate too

4 of swords

I don't know why this card draws me but it does. She is comforting the dead.


6 of Cups

The card draws me.. the woman can rest while the angels watch over her. Another meditation card for me.
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The Moon - The description in the Little White Book drew my attention to this card. Dark and Light at the same time. Like me.

Temperance - The fiery hues compliment the woman's energetic pose. Love it!
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I love many cards in this deck and especially all those strong females. All the queens are awesome!
My 3 top favourites would be:
1) Queen of Wands. She just leaves me quite speechless. She is so beautiful and noble, the fiery Wolf Queen. (I love wolves).
2) Strength. She is so passionate and beautiful. She makes me want to join her there on the roof , where Id bend my head back and howl..
3) The Chariot. I just want to go inside the wagon and go wherever it takes me! (Ive fallen in love with the charioteer,you see. He wears a mask and Ive once had a glimpse of his handome face behind the mask..)
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I love so many in the deck. My favorite images are of the whispy apparitions and the foggy nights.

The 10 of Pentacles I love because what is better than this man coming to the rescue and carrying her off into the night? (Even we strong woman need to be rescued occasionally.)

The Knight of Pentacles I love because he's just so cool there in the woods with the skulls and his wolves. He's in complete control of the situation and is not afraid. (although I think it's a bit rude of him to be standing with his foot on that poor soul's skull)

The King of Swords reminds me of Mick Mars of Motley Crue and well, I love Mick Mars and Motley Crue, so....

There are so many others which you've already commented on, so I'll leave it at that.
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My favorite GT cards so far....

Hi all:

As I've already stated in my GT intro....So far, without seeing all the cards nor handling them yet...what captured me the most were: The Chariot and The Hermit.

But keep checking back, I'm SURE I'll be adding more when I receive my deck

PS: Wolf posted a link over at my Gothic Tarot thread and I'm just ogling the heck outta all those pics for now Thanks, Wolf!
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I can't believe I haven't responded to this thread yet.

In no particular order other than the order the cards were in after doing my New Deck Interview reading, my favorite cards are:
  • The Sun and 10 Pentacles for much the same reason - instead of being the one who always has to be strong, it would be oh so nice for me to be able to let someone else be the strong one for once
  • The Moon - there's something incredibly sexy and ominous at the same time about this card
  • The Emperor - he makes me hot and bothered
  • Knave Cups - there's something both sad and tender about this card
  • Temperance - cause she looks like such a Temptress to me and I love all the red in the card
  • Justice - I know a lot of people don't like this card, but I love this depiction of a strong woman whose bad side I would never want to be on!
  • Strength - cause you'd never find me doing that on the edge of a building!
  • 8 Swords - there's just something so Bette Davis/Joan Crawford about that pose
  • 5 Swords - I can't explain why I like this card. I just do!
  • Knave Swords - there's something dark and mysterious about the card
  • 6 Wands - She looks like she'd be fun to hang out with - there'd never be a dull moment with her around!

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rwcarter: It was fun going through all the cards and reading your thoughts on your favorites, with you (I still have yet to receive mine, but was clicking on each image on the link posted here

I have to agree with you on your descriptions, too. And I like The Emperor, too!

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