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Would anyone be interested in a Book of Thoth study group?

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Can I join?

Hello Zephiros, I have a Thoth deck since some months, I have read once the BoT (but as the first thing it was quite hard to chew), then DuQuette's understanding, and I have Snuffin, Ziegler, Liber Teta, Foster Case's tarot, Wang's Quabalistic Tarot.. I am going through this site's study of the Book of Law, and now I am realizing that most of the Trumps are connected with the calls of the Aethyrs, that I have seen online and look hard without xcommentaries..
I intend to pathwork on the Tree of Life with the Toth but I find confusing having all these sources, especially the Book of Law and the Vision and Voice..
At the moment I am well into the study of the Universe card since I was starting from the bottom of the Tree.
But if you are up to make this study group a place where we look at the cards also in the light of Book of Law and Vision and Voice, then I would be very happy to join and start all over to begin with the Fool as yous are doing.
I really need some guide and you look very acknowledgeable so I would be honoured to study with you and wouldn't ever abuse your time.
In exchange i can say that I am good at making questions!
Let me know if you intend to study the Book of Thoth in connection with BoL and 418 and with an eye on pathworking with the Thoth on the Tree of Life
Thanks a lot
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Originally Posted by Beira View Post
I am going through this site's study of the Book of Law, and now I am realizing that most of the Trumps are connected with the calls of the Aethyrs, that I have seen online and look hard without xcommentaries..
James Eshelman serialised his insightful commentary of Liber 418 - The Vision and the Voice - in the journal, Black Pearl. You can freely download all 11 issues here:

There are 3 or 4 visions analysed per issue. But you will have to search through each issue to find them, which isn't always convenient. But it's better than nothing.

The same commentary, revised and expanded, is also available in book form under the title, Visions & Voices. But it is a little pricey.
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Beira, it would be preferable to keep things neat and orderly. While all the topics you mention will inevitably come up, there already is a study group for the Vision and the Voice and any number of threads relating to the cards themselves, plus a complete study group about the Book of Law. There are ample venues for studying all these things, and you can open new threads as you wish about things that interest you.

However, there is no study group apart from this one that deals specifically with the text of the Book of Thoth. Seeing as all bases have been covered, I'm really not in any hurry to change my original plan at this junction.
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