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Princess as the Throne for the Ace

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Originally Posted by ravenest View Post
In ANY of the models ???

< Coff ... coff ...... tap tap tap .... >
Let's just say I haven't seen a diagram that attempts to integrate them, and I still haven't got a good handle on what was intended for them. The zodiacal Trumps can be slotted right in; the other 10 seem to need a "fudge" as you observed in the earlier thread you linked.

I did have an idea taken from traditional astrology:

Suppose we "piggy-back" the rest of the Trumps onto the zodiacal Trumps according to the exaltation of the planets? Traditional astrology considers the planets to be most "at home" and to function most effectively in their exaltation rather than their rulership. I'm envisioning it like a "carrier wave" in telecommunications. Two different "frequencies" of the same fundamental principle operating in cooperative harmony: the signs describe the "delivery system" (the "how") while the planets represent the "content" (the "what"). So, the pairs would be:

Emperor/Sun (Sun exalted in Aries)
Hierophant/High Priestess (Moon exalted in Taurus)
Lovers/. . . (here's my seasonal "fudge;" see below)
Chariot/Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter exalted in Cancer)
Lust/Aeon as Fire (Uranus exalted in Leo, per AC)
Hermit/Magus (Mercury exalted in - as well as ruling - Virgo)
Adjustment/Universe (Saturn exalted in Libra; I'll bet there's something in Einstein's work that might shed light on this one)
Death/Hanged Man as Water (a double helping of fudge)
Art/. . . (double-chocolate fudge - you want milk with that?)
Devil/Tower (Mars exalted in Capricorn)
Star/Fool as Air ("boutique" double-chocolate fudge ala mode)
Moon/Empress (Venus exalted in Pisces)

OK . . . you've heard of "junk science?" Time for some "junk metaphysics!"

Gemini and Sagittarius were attributed to Caput Draconis and Caput Cauda in the BoT, but there are no Trump cards assigned to the Moon's nodes. So (deep breath), since these signs sit at seasonal transitions, Spring-to-Summer and Autumn-to-Winter, respectively, perhaps we can say that they have "shed their old skin" in preparation for taking on a new one (apropos to the amorphous quality of "mutability").

Regarding the Aeon, I've never liked the assignment of Pluto to it in modern thinking; I much prefer Uranus since Uranus was the father of Saturn, which segues nicely into the Universe card. Also, this fits with Crowley's assumption of fiery Leo as the exaltation of Uranus, and his retention of Fire as the key principle of the Aeon.

After this it gets a little more murky. The Hanged Man as elemental Water complements Death as Scorpio, and the modern assignment of watery Neptune seems to complete the picture. They are also adjacent Trump cards in the series; the Hanged Man could be seen as a fundamental precursor to Death - the cessation of movement. (Look at it as the wag's take on that old Coca-Cola commercial: "The pause that depresses.") I think I'm OK with this.

That leaves Aquarius, the Fool and Pluto. I've always cottoned to the idea of the Fool as Pluto, although it isn't ideally mated to Aquarius. The Fool as Air and Zero is the most elusive (and arguably most "universal") of the Trumps, and Pluto is the most "wanderly" of all the "wanderers," departing the solar system in its eliptical orbit; it suggests the "cosmic messenger" in contrast to Mercury's more "local" one. One quality of Aquarius suggested by modern astrologers is "transmission," so I can see a logical connection between all three.

<cough, cough>
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I think it's time for a little "comic relief" before we collapse under the weight of our own profundity.

Here's the "fast-food" version of the Princess as the Throne for the Ace (it even has the "lightning flash" sigil of the ToL.)
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