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Three (3) of Pentacles as Feelings

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I'd also think about building relationship skills - someone who sees himself as working with you to create something real.
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Things are turning out the way they want. Perhaps an oppurtunity for such, actually. I also see communication, and making things work.
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Originally Posted by GoddessArtemis View Post
I get this card a lot for how someone feels about me. I don't quite understand Pentacles in romantic scenarios, aside from the earthy, dependable, physical aspects of things.

So what could 3 of Pentacles mean as feelings?

Since there are no other cards involved in this inquiry, the most obvious interpretation here is that Pentacles is not about feelings at all. Pentacles are about material considerations...the opposite of feeling. I would say there are no feelings on his part or else perhaps he considers himself above you. Since he is getting all kinds of recognition and has been put up on a pedestal....maybe it has gone to his head and he thinks you are beneath him. Now, I realize this interpretation is shocking, but you might want to be on the lookout for this.....especially if your head is in the clouds over this guy.
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As Ruby Jewel stated, pentacles many times do come up for finances and money concerns and I also got this card for how someone felt about me not to long ago, I was actually getting this card like crazy as how a guy I was talking to felt about me. Low and behold.. the guy I was talking to was a very successful business man who made (ALOT) more money than my counselor salary makes me. I later found out that he mentioned to a friend that he was 'testing' me in a sense because he wasn't sure what my motives were in wanting to be involved with him.. (I understand looking out for yourself but.. cmon.. I know, total snob right?)

So that's what comes to mind for me as well with this card.. 'financial agreeability' so to speak.. 'Does our finances mesh together?' 'Will our -friends- get along?' 'Is this person on my social level?'

That was my own personal experience of course.. however, it may not be yours specifically.. (hopefully not!) good luck!
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