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Gilded - The Fool

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ladyealatheshy  ladyealatheshy is offline
Join Date: 24 Dec 2005
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Originally Posted by Tarot Boy
I hope this is not innappropriate to say, and I don't mean it with any negative connotations either. But The Fool looks VERY similar to current U.S. President George Bush. If you look at the face and eyes of the fool, you can see the resemblence, don't you think?

oh my great goddess, out of sheer curiosity, i dug out my gilded and looked at the fool...eerily, it does look like george w bush, i see it. ironic isnt it, a fool for a president.
--peace, eala the shy
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Grizabella  Grizabella is offline
Card Reader/Fortune Teller
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Originally Posted by HearthCricket
This Fool is a mix of cleverness and folly. One false move and his juggling will fall apart, and he will trip over his twirling act on his lower leg, and fall to the unknown. The skies above, while he pays attention to the juggling act, trying to decide which choice he will make, are clear and starry, with the moon shining, though showing a bit of shadow, foreshadowing the possibility of danger. The skies below are darker, as though a storm is gathering. He juggles in almost a shrug like position, showing his immaturity and carelessness, not quiet ready for commitment. While full of talent and potential, he must learn to focus and concentrate on less things, or his playful attitude will end up in a serious stumble.
Yep, it's Bush alright.
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Whitestar  Whitestar is offline
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I laugh every time I see this card!!

I wonder how this "likeness awareness" will change the meaning of this card for me when I get it in a spread. Interestingly, I've NEVER had it come up and I've been working with this deck since July!!!
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pomemma  pomemma is offline
Join Date: 04 Feb 2006
Location: New Zealand
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The Gilded is my first deck which I bought only months ago and I was shocked to see George W Bush staring back at me when I looked at the Fool card. I am not even American yet I think it looks just like him. I asked my sister who it looks like (she knows little of American presidents or politics) and she also said it was GWB. I can't take this card seriously now.
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Mystic Leo  Mystic Leo is offline
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Mystic Leo 

This fool reminds me of the picture of the joker on the set of playing cards.

He looks like he is having a lot of fun playing the fool, and trying to make everyone laugh. I dont think he is thinking too clearly, he is acting so careless and foolish trying to do so many things at once.

Obviously its been a beautiful day with that sunset in the distance, though storm clouds are gathering.
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mehndigirl's Avatar
mehndigirl  mehndigirl is offline
Join Date: 18 Aug 2004
Location: Indiana, USA
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The thing I find most interesting about this image is that the Fool seems focused on the wrong thing. While his attentions are on the zodiac symbols, he doesn't seem to pay any thought to where his feet are or or how to manage the wand and ring.

...and he does look like George, who seems to have the same problem. I handed the card to my husband and asked who it looks like without offering the suggestions and he saw it immediately! I was worried that maybe I'm just highly suggestible...
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MysticalMoose's Avatar
MysticalMoose  MysticalMoose is offline
Join Date: 31 Dec 2006
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Talking Its George!

I had never noticed that either! Im not American either - after finding this great studygroup about my fave deck I had a peek at The Fool & sure enough there he is George Bush himself.!!! hee hee
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celticnoodle's Avatar
celticnoodle  celticnoodle is offline
Join Date: 17 Aug 2006
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it is george!

wow. i haven't noticed that either before, and reading these posts, thought, okay, i'll go pull my deck out and check myself. well, there he is---the fool card with george bush's face! hmmm.....yes, ladyealatheshy, "a fool for a president". scary, huh?
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preciousmoments's Avatar
preciousmoments  preciousmoments is offline
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The fool doesn't look happy to me. It seems that he looks rather stress? Perhaps he foresees there'll be lots of challenges he'll meet after landing on earth?
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Japann  Japann is offline
Join Date: 31 Mar 2007
Location: Hampshire, United Kingdom
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I have never noticed the resemblance to George Bush before but I only had to get it out and yes it is him!

My question would be did the artist intentionally do this or is it pure coincidence????
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