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The Dark Angels Tarot

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I like it, looks like it will be a fun deck.
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Is it published yet? =D
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Here is a thread that Ric from Lo Scarabeo shared with us about a LS 2010 preview.

Ric included a Dark Angels teaser pdf file:

This is one of my favorites for 2010!

Looking forward to seeing more.
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I cannot wait for this deck. I use my decks to help with my writing and this shows promise as an interesting deck to have. Will it get used for non-fictional readings? Only time will tell. But I am quite excited about it just the same.
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I can't wait for this deck, either. Amazon's taking pre-orders for it, I saw.

I'd like to see just a few more scans of it though, before I commit. There's some nice scans here at AT, but I just need a little more.
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Golden Moon 

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I too... LOL I can't wait for it.
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RiccardoLS  RiccardoLS is offline
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The deck has been released
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Golden Silvery Dionna
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Golden Silvery Dionna

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I have sent Solandia some scans and written a review. I love this deck. It is one of those 'one note slipped off reality' decks, like the Secret Tarot.

Note who wrote the LWB, which is excellent and captures the flavour of the cards!
Attached Images
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Cat on a cold stone roof

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Originally Posted by RiccardoLS
The deck has been released
And I have it - it's STUNNING ! I LOVE it ! MUCH better IRL than the scans suggested.
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Dusk Till Dawn 

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Ack, no pre orders yet on German Amazon! I am going to have to wait a long time again.. Sucks to live in Germany.
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