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Originally Posted by tarot heart View Post
Only card I don't like is the Devil - looks like Russell Brand--bluuuck!!!
I love the Devil, I think it could be one of my favourite cards.

I don't really read tarot much any more but I love the look of this deck and would like to get it simply for the artwork. I think it's a really exciting concept but I just love the art style!
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ana luisa 

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Oh, boy, this deck has managed to make me a bit queasy... I REALLY like it but wonder how it would feel when read. SO much harshnes and SO brutal but at the same time, SO real... I guess the only card that really makes me wonder about getting it is the Moon. Takes fear to a new level for sure...
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It's funny you mention the Devil. That image is so original and powerful, I actually bought a print of it when his site first started offering them. It may be the best modern depiction of the Devil I've seen. That's saying a lot!
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Always learning.....
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Always learning.....

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Originally Posted by ana luisa View Post
Oh, boy, this deck has managed to make me a bit queasy... I REALLY like it but wonder how it would feel when read. SO much harshnes and SO brutal but at the same time, SO real... I guess the only card that really makes me wonder about getting it is the Moon. Takes fear to a new level for sure...
See what you mean about the Moon card, the one that brings an uneasy feel for me is the Death card.
l could not buy this deck and work with it at all. A bit too gritty for me.
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Dark Victory '39  Dark Victory '39 is offline
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Dark Victory '39 

this deck is amazing. there's really not a lot of whatever you want to call this, urban, daily living... in tarot. I remembered having an inkling that i had a deep desire for something like this when i flipped through that weird los law of attraction deck; didn't get the deck, didn't seem to be well done enough and was kind of all over the place. And whoever mentioned a kind of kinship w/ the gothic tarot of vampires, I agree. Although, that one for me, even though i have it is a little too gritty, and i always wish there was a screenplay or story it was based on because im lost with some of those cards and have to work pretty hard. (not a bad thing, just requires a sort of ghoulish introspective mood)-- probably should check out one of the threads here on it. anyway, really love this and would have totally supported it as a kickstarter project if i had known. I hope when people get this, they'll report on card quality etc.
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Do you think there will be an opportunity to purchase it if we missed out on backing the Kickstarter project? I just love this artist's take on certain cards, 3 of swords especially. Why shouldn't a deck reflect the sometimes dark and brutal realities of the human condition? I find it refreshing.

Edit: Just noticed that on the Kickstarter page he will be printing extra copies of the deck for those interested - YAY! This is a must have for me
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I love this deck! The Devil is amazing I love the Aces and the 10 of Wands is brilliant! I'm not keen on the Court cards but his take on them is very interesting, I did like the images but not sure about naming them after professions it seems a little confusing and unnecessary to me... But I'm still sold on this deck! He says he will sell it on his website when it's ready Oh the Tower card being the twin Towers is exactly what I would have done too!

I can't wait
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Really interesting deck. I like what he's done, and will probably get one, tho I don't know if I'll ever read with it. So Dark. The minors are brilliant overall....but I think he kinda lost it on the swords...the other suits are much more connected to humans, the swords just look like Thothily arranged however many swords, too much of the time. The cups should be very interesting.

The devil is perfect.
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Just got this email and thought those interested in this deck might want a heads up:

Hello Tarot folk!

This day has been a long time coming. With the first run of decks on their way from the printer, I'm now finally accepting pre-orders. So for those of you who didn't get a chance to get in on the original kickstarter but have been waiting for a chance to order a deck, now's your opportunity. There will be 1000 decks in the first printing, and I'm aiming to start shipping them out in November. I'm also accepting pre-orders for the guidebook and selling individual prints of all 78 cards.

Visit the Urban Tarot Shop
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